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John Fullbecker posted a blog post
Senate Republicans voted today to block a measure that would have prevented individuals on the terror watch list from legally buying guns in the United States.Politico reported:The first gun control measure proposed by Democrats was legislation from…
Dec 5, 2015
John Fullbecker commented on John Fullbecker's blog post Romantic Liar Ben Carson, Trump is the Way
"Well Dale, the facts don't lie. These are the facts, no one can corroborate Carson's characterizations"
Nov 9, 2015
John Fullbecker posted a blog post
So.... Ben Carson is going around telling people he attacked people with hammers and knives, and what is this supposed to demonstrate his strength or what? Because that's not something I personally would be readily proud of, redemption stories of…
Nov 7, 2015
John Fullbecker commented on Craig Andresen's blog post South Carolina Flooded Because of Gay Weddings?
"The floods aren't from the gays getting married?"
Oct 7, 2015