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Marcia Wood posted a blog post
What BudgetThe Good:Let’s discuss the “Good” first, it always refreshing to hear about the positive events in our Country that give us hope and a reason for defending our Nation.Dr. Ben Carson is definitely in the spotlight, quietly, methodically…
Feb 23, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
In my quest to find someone at home in the White House, I decided to hit all venues where they might be hiding out.  Specifically looking for John Boehner, Harry Reid and members of Congress, but so far no luck finding anyone. This is a tough job,…
Feb 20, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
Game on Obama & ClintonYou are responsible for Benghazi MurdersWho knew the attack on the Benghazi compound was a terrorist attack?Obama, Clinton, General Petraeus, General Ham, Leon Panetta, General Dempsey, Gregory Hicks, Jarrett, Rice, Charlene…
Feb 18, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
Did They Know?  When Did They Know?Three questions that haunt Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith’s families and all Americans; (1) Did they know?, (2) When did they know?, and (3)Why didn’t they send help? So let’s back…
Feb 13, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
 The Benghazi murders have more twists and turns than a roller coaster – the one thing and most important thing about the massacres of our four brave Americans is this:  the two key people in our Government, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in…
Feb 11, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
It’s time to write a letter to “Congress” and discuss their reckless spending and their reluctance to be good stewards of our money. Obama and Congress have lost our trust – we actually are beginning to realize that they in fact are our enemy. OBAMA…
Feb 10, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
America meet “Obama’s social justice or better yet social injustice” a robin hood philosophy that circumvents the laws of our land attacking our freedoms and rights.  In the past five years, Obama has sold us a pig in a poke wrapped up in pretty…
Feb 9, 2014
Marcia Wood posted blog posts
Feb 6, 2014
Marcia Wood posted blog posts
Feb 5, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
John Boehner the crumpler, the gutless wonder who’s always waving his white flag and crumpling under the Obama Regime, the US Chamber of Commerce and his Old Republican reprobates.  He’s the guy who pretends to be a Patriot and an avid…
Feb 3, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
It’s sad, but necessary to call a “Spade a Spade.”  The Democrats are not defenders of our Constitution – they are two- faced and the party of treason.  Democrats have turned on America and Americans. They refuse to address and take ownership of the…
Feb 1, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
First you control the healthcare, then increase poverty & debt via climate and energy change and Obamacare.  Sounds like a bad fictional movie doesn’t it? Podesta had Barack Obama pave the way for his “climate change” initiative internationally.  In…
Jan 31, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
Just heard on Greta Van Susteren that the Republicans are planning a retreat for this week-end.  House Republicans will hold their annual retreat at a waterside resort on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.Although Republicans will deny what I’m about to say…
Jan 29, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
Anti Guns, Pay to Play, You’er Not Welcome - Governor at LargeAndy & Infanticide – Infants no right to lifeOn Sept. 13 of 1984 of that year, another Governor Cuomo, Andrew’s father, Mario, famously laid out his contention that being personally…
Jan 28, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
Obama has been rescued by George Soros and his “top gun” (John Podesta) - be prepared to see heads roll and many new appointments in the next 3 years.  Most of all brace yourselves as Obama signs one Executive Order after the other as we head into…
Jan 26, 2014
Marcia Wood posted a blog post
The “De facto President’s” hit list for 2014 include S & P, O’Keefe, Israel, Conservative actors and all who oppose or disagree with her Socialist agenda to destroy our Nation.  The “she devil” is dangerous and has the money to support her 2014…
Jan 24, 2014

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  • Check out the Video on Barry Soetoro aka Obama. It's take me a few time to absorb all the info. Good Stuff bad 4 Obama 

  • Sure is! I have two teens who love the Lord and the liberty that makes our country great!

    Love your posts!!
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