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Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

I was searching the web for the Tea Party and found it.

Is America a republic?

I agree that he needs to be removed from office and even all the stumbling blocks that are in the senate and house.

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?


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Marshall Clayton commented on Terry Weston's blog post This is what we're up against !
"I clearly see your point my friend and ask the same question, WHAT DO WE DO> My personal belief is that we can't do anything rather than watch it unravel at this point.
What we see goes way beyond our current president and the people that are our…"
Dec 26, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
As a nation, being the United States of America, do we really think that we can fix our problems apart from following Jesus Christ? Can we deny God's word on every hand and create a society that can co- exist with people that refuse to obey any law?…
Dec 21, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
In the last few weeks there's been a lot in the news about the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton. To whom are they reverend to? Do they ever pray in public? Do they ever carry a Bible or quote scripture in any of the speeches they…
Dec 2, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
We live in a world that today is void of both justice and truth. If we seek justice, we are seeking it concerning someone else because we would rather not have anyone to truly see what we really are. The truth is that we might not mind being judged…
Nov 30, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Michelle Witt's blog post Are you part of the problem or the solution? Younger Generation...
"This is a very good article and so true. It's great to know there are options to go to rather than just the standard things that seem to be falling to the wayside as far as real character building for our children. 
It is very possible that most…"
Nov 18, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post The states where the effort failed I bet you will find stupid progressive democrats holding it up ! After all in Florida 16 democrats voted in favor of Sharia Law.
"I will admit, I don't know much about Sharia law and really not interested in knowing much. Maybe enough to know it when I see it. There is one thing I believe that allow their women to be mistreated in a multitude of ways. I find it strange that we…"
Sep 10, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Jim Delaney's blog post Pastoral Perfidy
"The Devil has a way of sneaking in unawares. What has happen to our Churches is in a great part the memberships fault. You see, we the people in a Church is exactly like, we the people in our country. We pick leaders we like, people that will say…"
Aug 27, 2014
Marshall Clayton left a comment for Lloyd Marcus
"The Bible says that ( The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It shows all over the things you write. I personally thank God for people like you that use wisdom and are willing to speak the things they feel in their heart.
I know you don't know…"
Aug 20, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
Pilate looked at Jesus Christ just before He was handed over to a mob to be crucified and ask Him, WHAT IS TRUTH? Jesus had already said all that He was going to say on the matter. Pilate then went out to the people and declared, I FIND NO FAULT IN…
Aug 20, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post GOOD LESSON IN HISTORY. WE OFTEN FORGET WHY WE ARE FREE!
"This story touched my heart deeply. I'm old enough to have uncles and a dad that served in WW11 and have heard a few stories about it. Just like this on and the people that were involved they don't tell you very much and of the two I'm speaking they…"
Aug 20, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post Puzzles For Smart People THINK about this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm led to believe Mexico has a strict border control. How did they get into Mexico? Can I just go into Mexico without papers and wonder around? Someone knows the answer to these questions.
If we can spend money to study the flight of a hummingbird,…"
Aug 8, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on Karol Hancock's blog post Miracle Confirmed by Iron Dome Commander: God Moved Missile We Couldn't Hit
"There is a God. He is the King of Israel. Soon all Israel will know Him. His name Is Jesus Christ.
Aug 6, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
Do we think we can just call this a God fearing nation and therefore that's what it is?Has believing in God become a group of words that we use just because it sounds good for a nation to say?We talk about God and have a church on every corner in…
Jul 4, 2014
Marshall Clayton commented on walter a harper's blog post Who's Playground is it?
"Years ago there were people we called ( the mob or the crime syndicate). They were in every big city in this country. we spent millions to convict them and put them in jail.
We don't hear much about them now but they are not gone, They all got…"
Jun 30, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
My nephew and I were talking yesterday about finding help that is dependable and committed to the job that they are offered.. We all know that it takes money to live and therefore people have to be paid for their services. The thing is, it takes…
Jun 22, 2014
Marshall Clayton posted a blog post
As an American, born and raised in these United States, a Patriot and someone that loves my country I desire to see things done once again in a constitutional way. I desire to have my country back and to be a country that is looked up to by the…
Jun 13, 2014

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