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Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
I find it so hypocritical that Obama wants to bring in all these refugees, yet we have Veterans living on the streets, begging for food, dying while waiting for medical care and being denied employment due to their background.I am so sick and tired…
Sep 14, 2015
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
Please contact these U.S. Senators today and tell them to vote against the Iran agreement, and also vote to override President Obama's promised veto. We continue to hear that some Senators will not accept email from outside their own states, so…
Aug 29, 2015
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
Today Donald Trump said; "the shooting in Virginia is a mental health problem, not a gun problem"I slightly disagree. Yes we need to consider the mental health concerns when it comes to gun violence, however in this case, it is a racism problem.Too…
Aug 27, 2015
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
As a Black American, I am so ashamed of the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr.​s legacy is being tarnished by charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.What sickens me most, is the fact that the new civil rights movement is being led by the same…
Aug 12, 2015
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
I would like to thank the following people for allowing us to use their platform to get our message out there in 2014. I have added their names and links, so you can check them out. Thank you so much and we look forward to next year. Happy New Year…
Dec 29, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
This goes to show you how disillusioned these so-called self-appointed black leaders are. Bill O'Reilly! has a better grasp at what is happening in the Afican American community. How can Russell Simmons represent the black voice when his head is…
Dec 11, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted blog posts
Nov 24, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
This is Kim Kardashian an unethical piece of trash that many children consider their role model. In order for this shameless courtesan to remain relevant, she audaciously performs immoral acts on video or takes pornographic pictures, which are…
Nov 23, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
Yesterday during an interview, I was asked about the events in Ferguson, MO, When I answered, a caller who identified himself as being an "African American" asked me how a black man could deny the fact that this was injustice. He pointed out that…
Nov 14, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
It is proven that amnesty will hurt not only the black community but the middle class and lower income community throughout the country. The President knows this, and the Democrats know this. Do you think they care? I will answer that question for…
Nov 12, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
The result of the Katrina Pierson versus Pete Sessions race, just goes to show you how much trouble the United States is in.The people are satisfied with moderate republicans representing them in office. People who are willing to sacrifice ethics…
Mar 5, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
In all of Obama's speeches prior to becoming president, he told the world, that he believed in redistribution of wealth. He went on all the talk shows and said it, time after time. When he realized that Americans weren't to keen on the idea of…
Feb 18, 2014
Michael Dozier,PhD posted a blog post
I woke up angry this morning. Last night I had a discussion with a really good friend who is a closet democrat but on the fence.She labeled the tea party racist and equated them to the kkk. When I asked her to give me examples of how they are…
Feb 14, 2014

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