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  • As white Christian American patriots trying to defend our Republic in a massive rally yesterday resulting in a woman being shot by Joe Biden’s comrades at arms in retaliation for storming the capital in protest against their continued multicultural marxist tyranny, we should not allow our marxist enemies to control the narrative in order to nullify our efforts.

    We really needed stronger leadership and spokesmanship at the DC rally yesterday to get the job done right in ridding our institutions of the nefarious and infectious liberal multicultural marxist scum robbing and destroying our white Christian Republic. We failed at removing and replacing the red mafia infiltrators using their anti-white Christian pagan people of color to replace and destroy us. Law enforcement automatons were just there serving their usurping communist masters.

    For example, adding Insult to injury at the DC rally! The liberal marxist mainstream media worked ceaselessly hijacking the narrative or core meaning of the protest against marxist tyranny and treason by putting Africans behind the podiums in front of their cameras to dictate our behavior, thinking, and will of the protestors: I guess BLM and Antifa represent the cultural marxist establishment in America. Treason Abounds!


    For example, a Kamala Harris response I made to one of her anti-white Christian Tweets I got suspended for recently:

    @Ilhan @1954floodkid You are a foreign pagan insult to all true white Christian Americans and you should be sh*t for foreign espionage and treason. You have no place in our government just as your comrade Biden the Usurper.

  • Red Ribbon
  • Morning Robert . Hope it's going well with you . Wish I could say all is well with the Republic . Regardless, as long as there are a few of us who still care , it will be ok .Merry CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones .
    Mary G .
  • nice to meet you

    i am an ultramarathon runner and have done many multi day runs.

    i was at OAS in May and go to  DC when i can esp on my day off.   

    I do not know if progressives and liberals are the same but i don't see much difference.   They want global govt i don't know how possible that is b/c people are so different unless they plan to rule like Hitler.  

    I feel it is time wtp do all we must now to save America

    God bless

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