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Ronald James Gores commented on Bob VanDeHey's blog post Rajjpuut's Folly: Obama Uses Impressive “Mulligan-Power” on Nine Key Issues
"Evinery politician has one thing in common. They are controlled or at the least influenced by BIG-BUSINESS. what we need is ' LOBBIEST' for the people. Oh! by the way, that is another lie Obama said. he said he would not hire lobbiest to work for…"
Jan 24, 2011
Ronald James Gores posted a blog post
Woe;The Dawn Of a New NationRonald GoresSaturday 07 of May, 2005WOE;THE DAWN OF A NEW NATIONBY Ronald GoresTO GOD ONLY.The attitude of hypocrites is it alive today? Who do we wish to hear ourprayers when we pray? If we pray for men to hear the words…
Oct 9, 2010
Ronald James Gores posted a blog post
Well, there is more violence on the border with the U.S. and Mexico this time its on lake Falcon, never heard of it till now.Evidently this lake is another crossing point for drugs and, more than likely, illegals.I don't understand why we cannot…
Oct 8, 2010
Ronald James Gores commented on Ronald James Gores's blog post As I See It
"I think we should impose a higher corprate tax rate on companies who out source and jail time for companies who, knowingly, hire illegals"
Sep 28, 2010
Ronald James Gores posted a blog post
Our greatest loss is our inability to maintain our economic status as a leader in industry. I'm 44 years old and durring my life time I have witnessed the decline of one of the greatest attributes of our nation 'Made In The USA'. It is clear to me…
Sep 27, 2010
Ronald James Gores posted a blog post
I'm new to the "TeaParty" But so far what I've read about the organization they seem to believe in many of the same "CORE" issues that I believe in.one of the biggest problems facing our nation is out-sourcing and illeagal immigrants taking the…
Sep 21, 2010