Beaverton, MI

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

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Is America a republic?

Totally removed and damage done repaired. He violated his oath of office and it is about time we hold those accountable who do.

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  • Sorry I took so long. No wonder I have so few friends.

    Happy New Year!

  • Hi , Virgil ! I too would love to see that little girl in a good , CHRIST centered home , with parents who would raise her to honor GOD and herself as a young lady . Pity that she is in this bind . May GOD bless her and you for your sweet honorable thoughts for her .
  • If you would like a PDF copy of my book FREEDOMS SHINING LIGHT, Let me know.

    God Bless

    Ralph Struck

  • God Bless Brother in Christ Jesus!
  • Virgil, thanks for the info! time is of the essence! God Bless you and keep you safe.

  • Hi Virgil! Thanks! She is a cutie but not the only boss of the family. Enjoy your posts! Chow. Bye for now.


  • Thank you for the friendship request! I look forward to talking with you!

  • Hi Virgil,

    I thought that you already WERE a member !  Welcome. Tom Schuckman.  email:  tschuckman@aol.com   --Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.   Iron Mountain, MI.

  • I agree Virgil, if our “elected” representatives don’t understand, distort, placate, deface, subvert, etc. The Original US Constitution, then law enforcement and ultimately We The People must reign them in immediately after a violation… otherwise things just get worse, like dominoes over the cliff and ultimately treason.

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