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Walt posted a blog post
Well, that is if you subscribe tocolumnist DeWayne Wickham’s way of thinking; which is possible if yousquint your eyes and twist your mind.Wickham’s latestmasterpiece appeared today in USA Today (Aug. 31, 2010, p. 11A) and was,naturally, titled,…
Aug 31, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
Since Arizona's just illegal immigrationlaw states in large part what federal law already states, why arepro-illegal groups and persons not protesting out in front of the WhiteHouse and threatening D.C. with silly boycotts?Since 1986,federal law…
May 1, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
Now that obama has put his little signature on his healthcare bill itis up to the bureaucracy to really screw it up...remember obamaknocking the US Mail Service?Bureaucratic heads make up the rules of the game to attempt to meet the goals and intent…
Apr 20, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
Last Sunday morning, as I basked in the sunlight outside a coffee shop with the New York Times, I came upon an op ed piece entitled "Big Money's Alarming Political Edge."The occasion for naming a new Supreme Court Judge has rekindled the liberal…
Apr 18, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
...are you better off today than you were a year ago?How would you answer.Fair question; Bill Clinton asked a similar question of voters while campaigning for Al Gore in 2000.obama's surrogates (if not himself) from the media and from the citizenry…
Apr 7, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
When obama hooks up the corner of his mouth to the side of his face during a speech, it must make you wonderwhat he is trying to hide, or how is he trying to deceive us with theuse of pretty words.The body language gives him away.Katie "Jane, you…
Apr 2, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
Yet, similar to how he won the election,his admirers and most important, he himself, are satisfied that usingrhetoric to exaggerate the extent of his successes will be enough toindoctrinate far too many of the voting citizenry with a belief…
Mar 31, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
..but the republican effort was quite lame.Despite what the majority of the public thinks (50.8% opposed,RealClear Politics poll average, 3/28), obama and the main stream mediaare all giddy over the passing of obamacare.He has won the war of…
Mar 29, 2010
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Mar 22, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
How has your small business been doing under obama’s administration?....A recent USA TODAY/Manta.com survey askeda similar question of small business owners.....11% of respondents said things were good.....13% of respondents said things haven’t…
Feb 21, 2010
"There was a lot that was obvious about the senator from Illinois that was unknown, hidden or that was disregarded because of his "movement" and the pretty words.

What are they planning once they realize that America has finally awaken and all his…"
Feb 16, 2010
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"Nashua, my hometown....welcome, Dave."
Feb 15, 2010
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"Is CT listening to the TeaParty? Is anybody speaking to the citizens and the governments of CT?"
Feb 15, 2010
Walt posted a blog post
Right from the get-go the rhetoric was direct and passionate…yet still only rhetoric.obama told a crowd in Iowa during a December 2007 speech that “I’m running to tell lobbyists in Washington thattheir days of setting the agenda are over.”As an…
Feb 15, 2010
Walt commented on Walt's blog post OBAMA'S WORDS MATTER
"It is these "fly in the face of reality"statements obama makes that need to brought out into the open. It is this reason why sites such as this are so important.

They have not been reported in the main stream media, they will not be reported in the…"
Feb 7, 2010
Walt left a comment on Connecticut
"obama told us in his inaugural address that before he came along, Americans feared that the "decline of America was inevitable."

Perhaps obama had no hope for America, but to millions America was not on that inevitable path to decline.

However, at…"
Feb 7, 2010