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William Moody posted a discussion
How out of touch are both parties that they continue to spend and never try to cut or save money both in out State and the Federal Goverment. Its time for a change
Jan 4, 2010

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  • I couldn't agree more. Oregon, after CA & TX is #4 in prison inmates. In this country, the law was NEVER meant to be used to get rid of your political opponent, even if you do hate as what they were born as. Watch out for the eugenicists! For God's sake get out of OR even if you have to lose your ass...
  • I wintered over in Eugene in'94-'95. You really do live in the belly of the pig...How do you tolerate the PC gang?
    David S. Schneider-Citizen
    P.S. When I fled Oregon by the skin of my teeth I owed $36 in state income tax (heh, heh, heh...)
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