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john smithson commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Does Dr. Gosnell Deserve Death Penalty for Baby Abortion Murders
"Thanks Dee & Kevin: Good for you  H. Gregory what would God do, what did God do. I belong to 3 pro Israel groups I love the Hebrews not for what they did but for what God says. And yes hell is waiting for this pig. Now We The People have 60 million…"
May 14, 2013
john smithson commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Assaulted America By Tying Terrorist Attack to Tea Party
"Thanks Dee & Kevin: Good shot Al, after all these years nothing on conservatives or Tea Party, Yep Im still clinging to my guns & Bible & supporting our Constitution. I go to church & pray, I go to the range & shoot. I go to Tea Party meetings &…"
Apr 25, 2013
john smithson commented on Oscar Y. Harward's blog post Islam, the Democrat Party, and main-stream Medias v. Christianity, the Republican Party, and Constitutional values
"Thanks Dee & Oscar: I love to read truth in facts. When all hell breaks loose there wont be any excuse, gee I didnt know. Thanks again Oscar, Dee I dont know what to say, youre great seeing us members get all of these great posts, we can ignore the…"
Apr 22, 2013
john smithson commented on Don MacDermid's blog post AMNESTY $1 to $3 TRILLION COST WILL DESTROY THE USA
"Thanks Dee & Don: This all boils down to what We The People going to do. Every issue and theyre plenty of them. Theres Tyranny & Treason in all 3 branchs, what are we the people going to do? Corruption is the norm in all 3 branchs, what are we the…"
Apr 21, 2013
john smithson commented on Benson William Gates III's blog post Friends,<br /> I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving up.  My response has been, and always will be: HELL NO!  I refuse to
"Thanks Dee & Benson: Ive been fighting roe v wade since 1973, Im still fighting. Been fighting the border security issue since 1993, still fighting. Been fighting muslum o being president since the pig ran the 1st time still fighting. Im not sure…"
Mar 23, 2013
john smithson replied to Ralph E WallSr's discussion The Manchurian President in The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals
"Thanks Ralph- thanks for the reminder. Acorn w/ all their fraud illegal votes. obama= socialist= commie= marxist= muslum. If it walks & talks like a duck its a marxist obama= TRAITOR to America has committed TREASON & TYRANNY, muslum marxist o the…"
Mar 21, 2013
john smithson commented on Richard R. Allen's blog post Could this be the way?
"Thanks Dee & Richard: Once again wishful thinking. Term limits, voter ID & all the rest of wants, suggestions & opinions. Who has done anything about any of this? So once again over & over the same old thing meaningless words, empty in nature to…"
Mar 11, 2013
john smithson commented on Chaplain Michael Donohoe's blog post The Untold Story of Actual Gun Confiscations
"Thanks Dee & Chaplain: Chaplain I hope you reach people, it appears most Patriotic Americans, really dont want to believe this is happening to our We The Peoples Republic, Country, Nation. I dont want to believe this, however reality has set in with…"
Feb 28, 2013
john smithson commented on Michael's blog post There is a social epidemic of psychological pathology raging through this country!
"Thanks Dee &Michael: YEP all true, also YEP all true with all replies. For the last 4 yrs on all conservative sites, which I belong to many & love them all. Millions of words Ive read, posts,blogs, comments, replies etc. Petitions havebeen signed,…"
Feb 22, 2013
john smithson commented on David M Batten's blog post Pregnant Women, Mothers, Children and Elderly used by DHS for target practice
"Thanks Dee & David; OH no 2 of my daughters are having babies, this will make me a grandpa for the 10th & 11th time. Our my daughters going to shoot me, I think not. More threats by a corrupt illegal TYRANNY fed DC govt. The millions of We The…"
Feb 20, 2013
john smithson commented on Semper vigilo fortis paratus et's blog post The Next Generation of Surveillance; You Will Not Be Able to Hide
"Thanks Rock & everyone, We The People are going to win this. Archie the govt doesnt have control of anything. The govt makes alot of threats. I was blocked on the net yesterday, however another laptop,another ID, another password. The FBI didnt get…"
Feb 20, 2013
john smithson commented on Jeffrey Boyles's blog post New kind of war
"Thanks Gregory I recd the same stats. Everything youve stated is true. We The People will have our country back.  
Feb 19, 2013
john smithson commented on Semper vigilo fortis paratus et's blog post The Next Generation of Surveillance; You Will Not Be Able to Hide
"Thanks Dee, as always today a lot of great posts; thanks Pete: Love the replies, thank you. As the ammo thats been piled up by the govt, the same holds true for the drones, We The People will make good use of them, thank you DC. DC you should have…"
Feb 19, 2013
john smithson commented on Jeffrey Boyles's blog post New kind of war
"Thsnks Dee & Jeffrey: Since one verse is chosen by Solomon in Proverbs lets take a trip down memory lane in the Bible, Go to Kings 1 & 2, then the life of Solomons dad David, while were at it lets take the whole Bible The whole Word of God. Lets 1st…"
Feb 18, 2013
john smithson commented on GreggHoulden's blog post Reinventing the Conservative Proposition (Lessons from Business) - Story telling!
"Thanks Dee & Gregg: I see this worked in years past. We as a nation at this time are no longer there, this may work in the future again but not now. We are a divided country, on the left lib, dem, socialist, progressive, marxist, commies: on the…"
Feb 17, 2013
john smithson commented on KY State Director, Mark Littrell's blog post WHO?
"Thanks Dee & Mark: Good for Louisville & Ky & fans. This isnt just happening to  Who but all lib dem proressive socialist marxist commie entertainers. We the Christian Conservative Constitutionalist have boycotted MSM because of their lies, were…"
Feb 17, 2013

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  • HI JOHN,

    I like your style, your heart felt words and  you stiff spine bone in standing up for the God of the Bible, and our 2nd Amendment rights!  Good work, buddy.

    I write a humble Christian Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.  -- also a disabled Vietnam Veteran and just joined the Tea Party.  email:  tschuckman@aol.com  --Regards,  Tommy Schuckman

  • It hasn't been so long ago since a person has been arrested for insulting a US president. The ones arrested were Glenn and Patricia Mendoza, in Chicago after insulting President Clinton.

    It seems just words against the president can get you arrested. Now DHS without the controls the FBi has to prevent that can do just that.

  • At this point in time, I desire a BROKERED convention.

    I am desiring to have a President who is NOT an establishment/ professional politician.

    I do not know if we can get that from any of our candidates; therefore I pray for BOTH HOUSES of CONGRESS to go Republican.

    See this link on the second message concerning"the Judge.


    I think a brokered convention is the answer today; but everything is fluid today.

  • Hi there. Robert with the 2012 defense budget blog. I have another thing interesting about that for you to help worry you. Obama is talking about sell a classified Tank, the M-1, to Egypt, closing US bases, has already stopped orders to the most advanced US equiptment to replace outmoded equiptment, and is also cutting medical care for all military personnel and veterans (hurting Military personnel morale).


    I guess the talk about the selling of "Obama for President" shirts on the Gaza strip and the West Bank make sense now.

    The FBI has been long involved into invasion of privacy, and because of that is very, closely watched by a long list of organization, and their is even legal history that makes the FBI very careful about what they look at. The DHS is brand-new, and doesn't have that prevention of invasion of Privacy that is built into the FBI.

    What the FBI with criminal investigation, and the DHS with the patriot act, think of as privacy are 2 very different things!

  • GOD bless Myron: the war on drugs, illegals, guns & money going to mexico are going to take extreem drastic measures. this war has to stop ASAP or this will be one cause as many that we lose our liberties, freedoms etc. Do you have some answers instead of name calling. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  •   GOD BLESS EHE TEA PARTY: The TEA PARTY is the most wonderful POLITICAL activest movement ever, the left seems to be concerened. they should be. We speek the truth up on issues answers for them. A strong membership w/ plans etc. So the left has to lie think thet can cause a problem for us. Were up to their tactics we can play that game better they go down I hate to lie, the truth has a way of winning. Im seeing on nearly every lib media lies. theyre not going to win. this may have been intended for me, however check out google theres a false site for the tea party. i dont know if it means anything. I see our member ship Dr is very important. we have a wonderful outline set up we need to follow it. I dont believe we have to ask inactive mem bers for their ideas. Follow what we have, we have dedicated workers that did a great job time to roll up our sleeves and do it GOD BLESS the TEA PARTY

  • Sorry to all total mind block state abbreviation, couldt get past TEA PARTY had their own, stupid. NY





  • just a minute ago TEA PARTY topic on national TV, we have a good spokeswoman. theres a few groups on left that dont seem to like us. they cant handle the truth. I had to laugh. what a trip, were  &  other sites are being monitored + net providers. OK DC homeland Security, were watching you. Go to our borders & do your job for once.

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