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A regime that hates America, China, controls tikTok’s algorithm and knows how to use it to divide and demoralize Americans. What we’re seeing right now from it is a real-life demonstration of that capability. We should have banned tikTok a long time ago, but this should be a wake-up call. Freedom is not a call to suicide.

The woke express fervency and manic busybodiness in enforcing their orthodoxy and fealty to their dogma. They perceive themselves as holier than thou, accompanied by a religious like attitude toward the sin of the non-woke, not sympathetic understanding but of hatred and contempt. The woke demand either you convert or punishment.

Wokeism has striking similarities to the "struggle sessions" of Communism, in which those strayed from an increasingly dogmatic party line were made to undergo an examination of conscience, ridiculed and condemned, and to publicly atone for their sins against the state.

China has a massive surveillance state, repeated government theft of private property, the elimination of most forms of political descent; severely restricted access to cultural ideas that are in opposition to the views of the Communist party, including gender issues; locked away millions of ethnic and religious minorities in brutal re-education camps; a straight controlled media; dramatically increased CO2 emissions; is the origin of the global coronavirus pandemic; has mismanaged the economy to the tune of hundreds of millions of impoverished people. China, murdering tens of millions of its own people,  has one of the most monstrous, blood-soaked records in human history.

But that has not stopped virtually every woke corporation America from doing business, in one way or another, either in or with China.  If those woke businesses cared so much about the marginalized and oppressed, why would they do business with the same political party, the same political regime?

The reason these companies are going woke is not because they go broke if they go woke, they get filthy rich. Ungodly sums have streamed into these causes over the past decade.

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The Federal Government Had a Major Academic Partner in Its Censorship Regime https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2023/11/07/new-report-shows-government-big-tech-collusion-was-even-worse-than-previously-known-n2630874





disinfo (aka LIES) is dems



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