The time has come that so many of you have dreaded since 2008. The dictator obama has decided to unleash a genocidal war against white people in stages. The stages include:

(1)               Sporadic criminal violence by black supremacists in urban areas leads to protection efforts by local police. Then the blacks initiate rioting that is supported by the immediate arrival of Department of Justice armed thugs who intimidate, threaten and warn away any attempt at self defense by the local citizens. At the same time black racist rabble- rousers from Chicago and New York arrive to begin negotiating a surrender by the white local government. The local government is forced to hire a black racist chief of police and a mostly black police force. Then the segregated police force is tested by local and imported black racists in further rioting. If the police force folds to black rioting and refuses to protect the local white populace, the city is taken over by a black supremacist soviet. The unfortunate town disappears into the darkness of continuous black racist terror.

(2)             Black racist organizations are created to murder and terrorize white police. Since white police refuse to give in to criminal terrorists, the obama dictatorship protects black murder groups and arson squads from any attempts of the police to defend themselves. Obama threatens local towns  and cities with black martial law hundreds of thousands of police and white people are mass murdered. All over America, local police agencies are paralyzed or wiped out by FBI and DEA airmobile infantry battalions.

(3)             A few white self defense groups get partially organized. Where those white groups are victorious, federal troops are sent in to wipe them out. Entire white populations of resisting urban areas are herded into already built federal concentration camps.

(4)             Obama declares himself dictator for life and begins to mass murder all resisters while their families are raped and enslaved. Millions of white conservative republicans shuffle off into federal incarceration, starvation, disease and brutality executed by black racist guards. Few white people will survive will survive those camps.

(5)             Within two years over 30 million white people are dead, Millions of blacks from Africa and Moslems from the near east immigrate into the USA and occupy white homes.

(6)             The conservative-republicans continue to select black racists as presidents of their organization.


A Warning to All White People.


  1. Organize white self defense groups now. Deploy your families into defensive areas and fortify them.
  2. Approach local police and national guard to seek collaborative efforts and receive crew served weapons and ammunition.
  3. Begin fighting for your lives and those of your families.


You have no choice. This is the “change” obama promised when he elected you.


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