Broken Immigration System? You Bet It Is!

I still read with amazement the crap coming out of Washington D.C. I don’t know why I should be surprised at anything Obamugabe says or does, but he still gets my goat most every day.


I just finished reading the CNS News article about his meeting with Calderon. They discussed the need for comprehensive immigration reform, AKA amnesty for all. Do these idiots really think this is going to fly with the American people? What part of HELL NO don’t they understand?


Calderon is being very generous. He wants unrestricted immigration to the United States for any of his citizens who wish to do so. They should have unrestricted access to all the benefits that any American citizen can expect. They should be allowed to send any amount of Yankee dollars they wish back to their families in Mexico. We should expand the totalization program so all illegals can avail themselves of Social Security benefits. In return he promises to do … pretty much nothing.  He will  make token war on the drug lords as long as we pay him to do so.


Obamuge is a disgrace to the office he holds.  He is an arrogant socialist thug from the back streets of Chicago. I have seen and known many middle income blacks with more dignity and integrity than this elitist piece of crap will ever have. In fact, I have known quite a few who were poor who still had more dignity and integrity than Obamugabe. He plays the race card with abandon yet he is a blight on the honor of blacks everywhere. He and his obnoxious wife are a repugnant pair.


OK, now I am going to get the race card flung at me. I am racist. WRONG!  I think very highly of and would value the friendship of men like Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, etc. These are men of dignity and honor. Instead, the black community holds up such personages as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan. Is it any wonder that most people don’t take blacks and their problems seriously? They have placed their faith in champions with feet of clay, not men of stature.


So be it. I ramble. This tends to be the case when I get angry. My mind goes off in ten different directions with no sense of cohesion or coherence. My apologies.

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