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A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

Grassfire Nation News Update:
Carbon Tax And the EPA


Dear Patriot,

This week, Senators Liebermann and Kerry are announcing
their latest Cap and Trade Carbon Tax bill. But unless
grassroots citizens act now, the debate could be over
before it even begins.

Here's why.

As you may know, the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) in December ruled that CO2 is an "endangerment"
pollutant, giving the agency authority to regulate
CO2 -- regardless of what Congress does.

For months, President Obama has all-but threatened to
use the EPA to bypass Congress and seize government
control of the air we breathe -- especially if Congress
could not pass Cap and Tax. That plan is just weeks
away from full implementation through the EPA.

Without even a vote in Congress, Obama --
through the EPA -- is already moving quickly
to put the energy sector of the economy under
the government's control.

+ + Opportunity to stop the Obama-EPA power grab

Fortunately, certain members of Congress are challenging
the aggressive encroachment of Obama's statist tentacles
by introducing a resolution (SJ Res. 26) to disapprove
the EPA's over-reaching actions. This resolution would
block the EPA from imposing the Obama carbon scheme.

A vote must come by June 7 and is expected before Memorial
, which means citizens have just a few weeks at most
to let their voices be heard.

+ + Fax Key Senators Today

We are making available our FaxFire system for citizens
who want to have a voice in this very important debate.
Grassfire Nation will prepare and send your personalized
fax message directly to your two Senators,
Representative, as well as other key lawmakers who are as
of this alert STILL UNDECIDED on this issue.

Make sure you are in the first wave of faxes
by clicking here:


+ + Exposing Yet Another Political Power Grab

It is now clear that, whenever possible, the Obama
administration and the Pelosi/Reid Congress will bypass
public debate and even votes in Congress to implement
their agenda.

They did it with healthcare and now they are doing it
with the Carbon Tax scheme by expanding government
authority through the EPA.

It's just another power grab -- and in their minds even
better if it is all done in some bureaucrat's office far
away from public scrutiny.

Well, Patriot, the jig is up, and it's not going
to work.

Americans today are fed up with the political ploys,
tactics and games being employed to grow government and
shrink our individual freedom.

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Thanks for the stand you are taking!

Your friends at Grassfire Nation and ResistNet.com

P.S. Our contacts tell us the vote could come as soon as next
week -- and most likely before Memorial Day. If you want to
have a voice in this debate, go here to send your faxes:


News Sources:

Daily Caller--Surprise vote on Carbon Tax:

Original EPA release declaring CO2 pollutant:

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  • 2 things about this. First, the EPA is functionally dead as an agency of enforcement and does need to be re-structured with a mandate to enforce federal and state enviromental laws.

    That leaves me with little concern what Obama does with the EPA.

    The second thing is Cap and Trade has been premised on less than scientifically aquired and interpreted data. The recent volcano in Iceland put more particulates and gasses in the atmosphere than man ever could in the last 100 years. Add Mt. St. Helens and all the others, well, is the EPA going to regulate those as well?

    While I wouldn't rush to any extraordinary activism on this issue - it'll be D.O.A. no matter where it ends up - I do think any measure we take in the U.S. are pointless unless we have other nations like China, India, Japan, etc. onboard with some mutual compliance agreement.

    Right now, none of those nations can agree on pizza toppings.

    By the way, the EPA has had to increase their attorney pool because they are not getting their way in district courts the way they used to.

    A more pressing issue, in my opinion, is that of Imminent Domain.

This reply was deleted.