Certain Liberal Agendas and the Burdens They Create

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Not Racist, just facts.

Formerly titled; certain people and the burden they create for you 

At the county level, the homicide rate has been higher in left-wing/democratic-leaning “blue” counties than in Republican-voting “red” counties since 2002. Violent crime is overwhelmingly associated with urban centers under left-wing/democrat control regardless of who that state supported in 2020.

Victims of hate crime incidents? Out of about 345 Million people in the US, there were 11,288 single-bias incidents involved 13,278 victims (or 0.0038%of the population), 469 relating to an alleged victim’s gender identity (or 0.000135%), vs. 353 the year before. “hate crime” includes physical altercations, verbal threats or property damage targeting “an individual, a business/financial institution, a government entity, a religious organization, or society/public as a whole.” 21.0% of offenders were black, 50% higher than the black(1) population. The number of white offenders was 20% lower than the white population.

In the real world all murders are hate crimes In 2019, there were 8,438 black victims of homicide, black on black murders accounted for 90% of all homicides within the black community. In 2022, there were 11,565 black victims of homicide, 54.7% of the total. You can do the math and see the trend.

Young black males between the ages of 15 and 34 are most at risk of being involved in a black on black murder. Black on black murders are more prevalent in urban areas. Gang-related activity is a major contributing factor to black on black murders. Only 40% of black on black murders are ever solved. Black on black murders have a devastating impact on the black community, causing fear and mistrust.

The black lives matter movement, an overtly marxian undertaking, not only divides Us by race but also divides the black race by instigating a climate of lawlessness, which has fueled a dangerous increase in gang activity and murder in African-American neighborhoods.

In 2022, property crime was 6.51 million offenses, 1.23 million violent crime, of which there were 21,156 cases of homicide including murder and nonnegligent manslaughter.

The left-wing blames it all on “social justice,” predicated on the assumption that institutional discrimination is the primary reason for differences among groups of people. It assumes that were it not for such discrimination, all would be equally represented in all human endeavors. In other words, human beings are equal not only in their nature and capacities but in their ability to develop those capacities.

However, this marxist assumption is rarely tested empirically. In fact, both the historical record and everyday experience regularly contradict it. For example, not only have homogenous societies had unequal representation among groups of people in various endeavors, but even twin siblings who are raised under the same roof and by the same set of parents show vast differences in aptitude, performance, and cognitive ability. This is because factors beyond both our knowledge and our control — including factors that begin long before birth — heavily influence the development of human capabilities, including intelligence.

Some cultural traditions go back centuries or even millennia and thus continue to orient the developmental capacities of the people living in these cultures today. It is disastrous folly to believe that government decree could circumvent these longstanding cultural traditions without major catastrophe. Moreover, these reciprocal inequalities rarely amount to one group dominating all fields of human achievement. As Thomas Sowell has stated: “Even highly successful groups have seldom been highly successful in all endeavors.”  This does not mean that life is fair for all groups of people, much less to all individuals, or that there is nothing that can be done about injustices in the world. It does mean, however, that we ought to be humble about the limits of both our knowledge and our power to improve things rather than make them worse.

Negative consequences have followed from decades of government policymakers, ignoring the limits of their knowledge, resulting from the unintended consequences of minimum wage policies, tax legislation, rent control laws, and policies related to race and sex as well as to welfare, housing, and education.

One example--affirmative action in education. These policies have harmed first and foremost to the recipients themselves. Minority students who gain acceptance to schools for which they are not academically prepared usually struggle to keep up with the rigorous pace and demanding workload. As a result, they end up either failing or dropping out, winding up worse than if they pursued a path where they could succeed. Another example--the positive results that followed from the abolition of affirmative-action policies in California (as decided by voters). The number of black and Hispanic students graduating from the University of California system as a whole rose dramatically over a 4-yr span, and an increase of 63% graduating in 4 yrs. with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher." Another example--following the growth of the welfare state in the 1960's  both crime rates and out-of-wedlock birth rates exploded in minority communities. The 2 decades prior, however, saw declining crimes. Out-of-wedlock birth rates were lower among minority groups than among the majority white population. Nevertheless, “liberal elites, politicians, activists and so-called "leaders"  who took credit for the black progress that supposedly all began in the early 1960s  took no responsibility for the painful retrogressions that demonstrably did begin in the 1960s.

The lesson, one that F.A. Hayek tried to inform us of almost 100 yrs. ago, is how little we know about the lives of others. We must, therefore, be careful when making policy decisions that have the potential to affect many people — and possibly even whole societies.

 ““We agree that ‘equal chances for all’ would be desirable. But that in no way guarantees that we have either the knowledge or the power required to make that goal attainable, without ruinous sacrifices of other desirable goals, ranging from freedom to survival...Stupid people can create problems, but it often takes brilliant people to create a real catastrophe. They have already done that enough times — and in enough different ways — for us to reconsider, before joining their latest stampedes, led by self-congratulatory elites, deaf to argument and immune to evidence.”--Thomas Sowell

1. Blacks are approx. 14.2% of the US population.

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