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The media and its designated experts are accurately reporting the scientific linking of fossil fuel use and hurricanes.
Truth: This deceptive “reporting” is riddled with:
1. deliberate misrepresentations (e.g., hurricane frequency)
2. biases (e.g., only reporting negative links)

Lie: Media claims about increasing hurricane frequency are accurate.
Truth: left-wing media outlets have deliberately misrepresented the flat long-term hurricane trend. E.g., the ny times cherry-picking a starting point—the low point of 1980—to make a flat trend seem upward. Leading media outlets have also deliberately ignored statements by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about how any increases in hurricane frequency in records are likely due to increasing reporting, not actual frequency.  The latest data on global hurricane frequency and intensity from a 2022 paper (Klotzbach et al) does NOT support the left-wing media's claims. Recent US data for landfalling hurricanes, both overall and major, show the ny times and other left-wing sources are lying

Lie: Hurricanes are expected to get more frequent as temperatures rise.
Truth: left-wing estimates say hurricanes will be less frequent and between 1-10% more intense. This is not at all catastrophic if we continue our fossil-fueled climate mastery

Lie: left-wing media-cited research on extreme weather is unbiased.
Truth: Extreme weather research is riddled with biases. In addition to ignoring fossil-fueled climate mastery, many researchers have overtly political motives and ignore positive impacts of fossil fuels on weather. Certain biased climate attribution “scientists” admit that they are motivated by political goals and shape their “science” accordingly. E.g., left-wing media favorite friederike otto wants climate research “on the offensive." The left-wing loves their violence, don't they! One of the few climate researchers who is openly looking at the full impact of fossil-fueled climate change, including potential avoided damage, is meteorologist and hurricane expert Dr. Ryan Maue. What are the chances we see his point about avoided hurricanes in the left-wing media

And It is absolutely shameful that the left-wing opponents of Governor DeSantis are trying to blame him for the damage of Hurricane Idalia given that 1) the pro-freedom, pro-energy policies he supports lessened the damage and 2) his focus now is where it should be: hastening recovery.

America is wrestling with the worst energy crisis in its history. According to the brookings institution, the average 2022 U.S. residential retail electricity price was 15.12 cents/kWh, an 11% increase from 2021. In the 1st 3 months of 2023, the average U.S. residential monthly electricity bill was 5% higher. Government decisions have impacted the natural gas and energy supply. While electric vehicles are a much-touted solution for replacing oil, gasoline or diesel fuel contains 40 times the energy as a state-of-the-art battery. Questionable efforts are being made by government leadership to address our energy future. Critical solutions have been avoided and hidden. Fossil-fuel plants are being made to close faster than green alternatives can replace them. Producers of oil and gas can't keep up. Fantasy thinking has taken hold of biden and left-wing/democrats . Progressives and the left-wing media followers are guilty of denial concerning the reality of how to solve a potential climate/energy crisis.

Energy and climate change are complicated. Credible scientists challenge whether there is a climate crisis. The 3 U.S. electric grids are old and at capacity, and many power plants are outdated.  New plants have not been brought online due to environmental extremists and demonization by left-wing/democrats.  Renewable energy is unreliable since it requires wind, sun, or flowing water.  It also creates energy storage and environmental issues. The biden regime and left-wing/democrat governors plan to eliminate the use of gas and replace all transportation vehicles, garden tools, stoves, dryers’ etc. using electrical energy.  This approach will place an overwhelming timeline and demand on existing energy resources. It will require a huge investment in new power plants, including the potential of nuclear.  This investment will create significant upward pressure on the cost of energy and create blackouts from poor planning.

According to Rasmussen 70% of likely voters say they believe the US government should encourage increase oil and gas production to reduce America's dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas. Yet the left wing has restricted the supply of oil and gas leases below the demand for them while releasing the Strategic Oil Reserves--which did virtually nothing to lower costs at a time when the world is facing increased threats of major conflict and those reserves may be desperately needed.

What would the popularity of biden and liberal/democrats be if they were honest along with the left-wing media?  They speak of green energy but avoid the hidden facts: the reality that it will require massive funding, and increased energy cost to build the required new power facilities -- one estimate is $2 trillion. The critical timeline to update grid facilities will force blackouts. Utilities will be required to ration energy. Facts demonstrate that renewable facilities have serious reliability, security and environmental flaws along with life cost issues. The benefits of reducing humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels are uncertain at best. 

Those pushing an end to fossil fuel production are missing the point, since fossil fuels will still be needed into the next century. Eliminating unpopular energy sources or technologies, like nuclear or carbon capture, from the conversation is short-sighted. Practicality and ingenuity are the invaluable resources humanity needs to meet America’s future energy challenge, not uninformed liberal/democrat politicians, left-wing news writers who spread climate fear, and ignorant/gullible liberals acting on misplaced, ginned-up emotion rather than knowledge.

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