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Source; Researchers at the University of Minnesota and the U.K.’s University of Leeds, published by the European Geosciences Union,


Researchers at the University of Minnesota and the U.K.’s University of Leeds, published by the European Geosciences Union, finds that in the decade between 2009 and 2019, the Antarctic ice shelves increased in mass and extent, on balance. Using global satellites to measure changes in 34 ice shelves across Antarctica

In Geophysical Research Letters, by an international team of researchers from universities and research institutes in the US, Switzerland, and France, found that the rate of meltwater in Antarctica has declined between 1980 and 2021 Using satellite microwave measurements run through the physics-based multi-layer snow model SNOWPACK.

In the science publication Nature by an international team of scientists from universities and research institutes in England, Scotland, and the US found the rate of ice decline in West Antarctica is not reflected in ice trends elsewhere on the continent and varies dramatically by location. They surmise that the ongoing ice loss in the region is likely being driven by “interdecadal atmosphere/ocean variability,” although more study is warranted because direct observations have been limited over time.

In peer-reviewed journal The Cryosphere, determined that ice sheets were thinner in Antarctica during the interglacial in the past than they are now, and that they recovered, indicating natural cycles drive ice extent changes on the continent and ice declines are not irreversible. A team of 13 researchers from universities in the US, the United Kingdom, and Australia, used cosmogenic-nuclide analysis to examine the history of ice sheet decline and expansion in an area of West Antarctica abutting the Amundson Sea, during the present interglacial period (the Holocene).

This research indicates that the present deglaciation is not unique within the Holocene, natural factors have driven deglaciation historically, and such events are not just reversible but have reversed themselves previously, with sea levels falling after the reglaciation commenced. What the evidence indicated, is that glaciation and deglaciation is not uncommon and historically has been driven by natural factors, on net, the Antarctic ice sheet is gaining ice.

Meanwhile, research Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Nexus indicates that a significant factor in “rising sea levels” measured at cities on the U.S. eastern seaboard is land subsidence due to groundwater withdrawals—in other words, they are sinking. Led by Leonard O. Ohenhen at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with others from Virginia Tech and the U.S. Geological Survey, used: “measurements of vertical land motion rates obtained from analysis of radar datasets to evaluate the subsidence-hazard exposure to population, assets, and infrastructure.” A number of areas along the mid-Atlantic coast are subsiding at annual rates exceeding the calculated rate of actual sea level rise for those areas each year.

Meanwhile, Like hurricanes and tropical cyclones, Extra-tropical cyclones aren’t playing by the climate alarm playbook. Data show ETCs in the United Kingdom, for example, have not been as severe in recent decades as they were in the past, despite media coverage of ETCs in recent years claiming otherwise. And globally, there is no evidence ETCs are worsening either. Who says so? Why, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. So, despite climate alarmists predictions based on model outputs, there is no trend in more powerful or more frequent ETCs. Rather, they are forming and dissipating as they have historically, varying in number and intensity both annually and on a decadal scale.
Meanwhile, "When carmakers test gasoline powered vehicles for compliance with the Transportation Dept's fuel efficiency rules, they must use real values measured in a laboratory. By contrast, under an Energy Dept rule, carmakers can arbitrarily multiply the efficiency of electric cars by 6.67. This means that although a 2022 Tesla Model Y tests at the equivalent of 65 miles per gallon in a laboratory (roughly the same as a hybrid). It is counted as an absurdly high compliance value of 430 mpg. That number has no basis in reality or law.  For exaggerating electric car efficiency, the government rewards the carmakers with compliance credits which the can trade for cash, Economists estimate these credits could be worth billions, a vast cross-subsidy invented by bureaucrats and paid for by every person who buys a gasoline powered car...Until recently, this subsidy was a government secret. Carmakers and regulators liked it that way...Regulators could announce what sounded like stringent targets and carmakers would nod along, knowing they could comply by making cars with arbitrarily boosted compliance values, Consumers would unknowingly foot the bill."--WSJ

The above are the worthless carbon credits that companies got rich selling to companies like GM and Ford so they could pretend to reduce the carbon from their highly profitable gas guzzling trucks and SUVs.  In other words, your government, the carmakers and the eco-wackos knew this was a massive fraud but they didn't care. They were greedy and their junk-science addiction needed a fix. People are irrelevant, especially the poor and middle class. And of course, left-wing/democrat campaign workers posing as left-wing journalists, have participated in perpetuating the fraud by just repeating talking points without doing research or asking questions.

left-wing/democrats claim they care about the poor and middle class but the poor have been screwed for years to pay more for their gas-powered vehicles to cover the massive losses from selling inefficient, expensive, impractical vehicles powered by the highly flammable pollutant lithium that environmental extremists are forcing all of us to buy. The fraud(1) in this green agenda dwarfs any other fraud we have ever seen and there is not 1 piece of significant, REAL scientific data that shows the radical green policies will change temperatures or limit storms and maintain sea levels where they are.  It is no wonder the left-wing/dems & eco-wackos seek to shut up those of us who have continually told the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally and pointed out the fraud for what it is, by calling us climate change deniers and anti-science.


1.Among the companies spending big bucks on corporate jets, meta platforms (aka facebook)topped the list in 2022, spending $6.6 million on the perk for personal flights for zuckerberg and sandberg. The figure marks a 55% increase from 2019. neo-liberal hypocrisy--AGAIN!


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