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  • My comment on July 19 was made partly in response to a Patriot who debated the video and opened the question of facts. I returned today because I welcome healthy debate and hoped we were in the middle of one. Unfortunately I found 2 earlier comments of another Patriot are gone. Hmmm, how strange; how could that happen?
  • This is a Congressman, a figure of power and adult with presumed maturity yet I see a man unhinged. Why would any Congressman consider violence as an appropriate behavior in public or private? We are all responsible for our own words and actions and so is the Congressman; no one makes us do anything. That student didn't force the Congressman to violence.
    I do not respond to my own feelings with violence toward others. Generally it's bullies, abusers or those with short fuses that resort to violence when "Their" moment has been upset. Facts, what facts? This was a video and I don't need any media to explain a video to me. I see a video, my brain processes an evaluation of what I see and I form an opinion. In my view the Congressman's behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. I do not give him a pass and that's just my opinion.
  • Not a good performance for a representative of the people, or the Party.
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