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Now hundreds of thousands of black racist conservative republicans have revealed why they prefer ben carson as president. In their media-conditioned minds, carson is blacker than obama, and he therefore is a better candidate. Yes its crazy. But how did the conservative republicans get that way? The media conditioned them to become true believers in the value of black skin.

Do you think that negro participation, usually domination, of every commercial on television is an accident? Do they really have something incredibly admirable about themselves, especially as they humiliate white men and are inevitably paired with beautiful white women…in every form of public imagery? Is all that deceitful puke, just a reflection of reality? Do you believe that the black 10% of the US population, which is statistically represented in commercials, advertising and movies as 85% (the white population percentage) of the population is a fair “quota?” Have you wondered why blacks accompany every white star, frequently mocking them, and/or dominating every movie? Is it because blacks are smarter, tougher or simply the most “beautiful and wonderful”? What about sports, where nearly every team is almost totally black? Is it because they are better athletes and have larger penises? Is it the truth that blacks are never racist and that “black lives matter more than white lives?” That’s the propaganda spread by US media, movies and television throughout the world and it is all lies.

The placement of blacks in everything that the world sees is based on up-to-date findings of thoroughly racist research carried out in America, 24-7. The objective of the research is to elevate blacks as the strongest, smartest, toughest, best leaders and deservedly dominant in every sphere, beginning with the premise and continuing with the fraudulent pimp imagery. Yes, it’s all a lie.

It’s a staged propaganda show called “mediated messages”. Mediated messages flood our daily lives, through virtually endless choices of media channels, genres, and content. However, selectivity determines what media messages we attend to and focus on. Every American Must know the factors that influence this selectivity because those selected mediated messages promoting blacks are the most racist propaganda ever seen in the world. Only a few of the very best people even notice the insane spectacle of the dishonest promotion of black cultural dominance by all US communications.

Like the “popular” grotesquely naked dictator obama, who has no clothes or camouflage capable of hiding his evil, his worshipped black skin, causes cataracts of insanity to scale over the eyes of millions of media-conditioned white Americans. Only a few of the most enlightened and intelligent white Americans have ever noticed this peculiar form of black racism as institutionalized by US media, advertising, movies, universities and every form of authority that hammers black-racist lies into the fore brain of Americans, 24-7.

Seminal books on selective racist media exposure were first published in 1960 by and in 1985. But an integrated update on this research field is much needed, as rigorous selective-exposure, pro-black racist research has flourished in the new millennium. In the contexts of political communication, health communication, Internet use, entertainment consumption, and electronic games, the crucial question of how individuals choose what content they consume has garnered much attention. The public needs a book that integrates theories and empirical evidence from these domains and discusses the related research methodologies.

In light of the ever-increasing abundance of media channels and messages, selective black-racist dominance exposure has become more important than ever for media impacts in a nation where a ten percent minority parasite race, with no real earned acclaim by achievement or intellect, dominates a culture with an over 200 million white majority.

A comprehensive review of the research on selective exposure to media messages, which is at the heart of communication science and media effects, is required NOW. It is required reading for every taxpayer, every white person and every wage slave . The victims of black racist dominance propaganda must promise to influence and inspire future research about how the propaganda works and how to annihilate it. In America, where there is no public truth, the manufacturers of lies must be annihilated! Wake up White America!

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  • 4 Black People I know, here in Arizona, are supporting Donald Trump. They say Obama is the worse president ever and don't any more Muslims here. I ask all 4 of them about Hillary Clinton. None would even consider voting or supporting her.

    If all the conservaties and christians that stayed home last election come out and vote we have a chance to elect a real president Donald Trump.4087590559?profile=original

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