Covid, Mask mandates, 2024 election?


Covid, Mask mandates, 2024 election?
by Walter Burien - CAFR1

Covid, Mask mandates;
Per using the mask mandate for the 2024 election, here is your number 1 fact that blows them out of the water per bringing back the mask mandate:

When I saw the promotion of Covid back in 2018 / 2019, I said to myself: "let's see what the facts are per deaths in the country."

I went to the CDC site to look up the data going back 15-years prior to Covid. The category they had which covered the same was deaths caused by "Flu and pneumonia like symptoms."

Going back 15-years prior to covid, the deaths per year in that category on the low side were 285,000 deaths and on the high side 335,000 deaths per year.

The year before, the mention of Covid, in  2018, was the 335,000 deaths in that category.

These numbers established the base-line for deaths from "Flu and pneumonia like symptoms." of which Covid falls under.

From the CDC site for 2021, the total deaths from all categories is as follows:

Data are for the U.S.

    Number of deaths: 3,464,231
    Death rate: 1,043.8 deaths per 100,000 population.


You will see also on that page they list Covid deaths for 2021 at COVID-19: 416,893

You will no longer see the category of "Flu and pneumonia like symptoms." being they consolidated that data into the Covid data as "Covid related".

Data which already had a base-line going back 15-years before Covid of over 300,000 deaths per year...

As you and I know, they promoted Covid and had the intent of inflating the numbers by listing deaths as "Covid related."

Also noted is 2021, it is at the height of the Covid promotion.

Going back to total deaths of : 3,464,231 for 2021, when going back 15-years before Covid and forward, the base-line of total deaths in the country stayed very consistent with a gradual rise each year accounting for population increase, or nothing really outside the "normal".

As for 2021, Death rate: 1,043.8 deaths per 100,000 population

Look at that Death rate number per year on prior years, and the Covid promotion is blown out of the water.

No spike increase in deaths. Again the CDC's data shows, Normal, normal.....

You can see or download all data needed from that CDC page.

Is Covid a severe danger? Not so much more than the common cold, flu, and pneumonia that we all have lived with throughout our lifetimes.

Again, the CDC's own data, blows the Covid promotion out of the water,,

On a last note, I wonder how many people realize 3,464,231 die each year from all causes (for 2021)

That is, a little over 1 percent of the population dies each year, and for 10-years that is a little over 10 percent of the population.


No massive mail-in ballots for 2024!

No mask mandates!

These are the facts straight from the CDC, now inform the public!

OK to post and publish.

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