Did you know that by writing 5 numbers on a tax return the Internal Revenue Service will pay you $6,600 for doing nothing?  According to the Treasury Inspector General's Office the IRS is defrauded between $14 and $16 billion each tax season.  Nearly 30 million tax filers (not taxpayers) share in a $60 billion dollar pie called Earned Income Credit.  Basically, if you earn between $3,000 and $45,000 and have a dependent child, you qualify for a tax credit between $300 and $7,500. 


Here is How the IRS is Defrauded $6,600!

Jane Doe writes on her 1040 Schedule C that she earned $13,720 income from an imaginary cleaning business.  Since Jane doesn't have a business, she doesn’t need to purchase any brooms, dust pans, cleaning supplies or mops.  For Jane’s efforts, she will qualify for federal tax credits of $6,600. Before the US Treasury deposits a tax refund of $4,900 into her bank account, they make a deposit into Jane Doe’s social security retirement account for $1,700.  From start to finish, Jane can complete her phantom tax return using phantom income in 15 minutes


I contacted the FBI and informed them that tax preparation companies would defraud the US Treasury of $3.7 billion during the 2013 tax season.   Unscrupulous tax preparers don't hesitate to file bogus EIC tax returns defrauding the IRS of $6,600 because they slice a $200 prep fee before the money ever reaches the hands of the tax fraud.   


I issued a press release entitled "Tax Technology Would Save IRS $3.7 Billion in Next 60 Days".   The article had 881 readers.  This included nearly 75 from the counties of France and Germany.  Why would those countries be so interested in learning about tax fraud technology in the United States?


$5,000 Cash Refund or 10 IED’s

The IRS should consider offering EIC tax frauds the choice of receiving $5,000 cash or 10 IED's.   Terrorists shouldn't have to be burdened with going to the bank and then having to negotiate the purchase of improvised explosive devices. 


I estimate terrorists obtained 40,000 fraudulent 2012 EIC tax refunds that paid them $200 million this past March.  According to Wikipedia the avg. cost of an IED is $500.  As a result of the IRS ineptness at preventing tax fraud, the US Treasury may have just funded 400,000 IED's.   Why should American troops potentially suffer?


Last fall Randall Sorensen CPA provided the IRS a solution to prevent massive tax fraud.  The IRS kicked the tires for a month only to come back and say: 1) they didn’t have any money and 2) the idea of testing tax returns in real-time lacked innovation.  Really…..   I guess Pony Express trumps Federal Express in the eyes of the IRS.  In contrast, the cash strapped IRS managed to pay $500 million to software developer Strong Castle.  The company was “friends” with an influential IRS employee.  That is pure fraud.


The IRS doesn’t want American taxpayers to know what a complete sieve they are at preventing tax fraud.  Over the course of 20 years, one unscrupulous taxpayer can defraud the US Treasury as much as $300,000 and never have to pay a dime or work a day in their life.  One final rub, the tax fraud qualifies for a retirement because the IRS withheld Social Security taxes from their phantom job.  Speaking of retirement, I believe it’s time to permanently retire the IRS unless they can demonstrate the ability to prevent massive tax fraud that jeopardizes the safety of our troops.

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  • just like the truckers that are going on strike...millions of tax payers should just refuse to file.

  • TIME to stop saying what needs to be done & DO IT!! WE ALL know what has to be done, what needs to be done , why it has to be done and who it needs to be done to! My question is: "why isn't the people doing the things to undo this God Awful Mess!! Maybe IT IS too late! Never do we see any of the right people doing the right things!! Too Quiet!! "Only the squeaking wheel gets oiled"!

    A Nation of Lions lead by a Sheep will loose the war!

    A Nation of Sheep Lead by a Lion WILL WIN the War!


  • DITTO Brelan-Fayette :Knighten!! In regard to the obamacare  bill wpheld by the Supreme Court: Justice Roberts only pointed out that obamacare is a TAX. The Supreme Court did not uphold the bill-they upheld the potus/congress lawful ability to pass a TAX. The Court could not do anything other than what they did. The administration and Congress KNEW it was a tax the only avoided calling it what it is: A TAX. This gov't is so cowardly they cheat, lie sneak in taxes/policies/laws without telling the people they are passing imposing them! The IRS duty is to ENFORCE the tax code--there is that word again. Obama is THE BOSS and the govt and it's agencies are the enforcers. As is Obama's many czars!! Exactly like the MAFIA!!

  • According to office of agency integrity Lois Lerner is in illegal status getting paid and doing nothing. The law says an agency can not place an employee on "administrative" leave for wrong doing while on the job. Administrators do not have authority or discretion in placing employees on "administrative" leave. There are specific and strict guidelines for "administrative" leave. I have seen other supervisors illegally using this leave to suit their needs. Employees can be placed on "Administrative" Leave pending investigations but it is TIME LIMITED and specific guidelines is for wrongly accused, questionable or evidence based. It also indicates the reasons for administrative leave is granted to attend work related classes, seminars, trips associated to job enhancement or job related business. or jury duty. The only other legal justification for employee paid absence is on Sick leave or earned paid vacation time!! Where does any of these reasons fit Lois Lerner's "administrative" leave??? She has to be suspended( for a period of time) then removed, transferred or return to her job. She is AWOL!  Employees do not get paid for AWOL! "Administrative" can not be attached to the "leave" she is on!!  She has committed a crime/crimes and ineligible or this type favor!! This is ANOTHER of Obama administrations unlawful/illegal acts. The American people have to research what the administration does and start speaking out, burning the telephone lines to Congress OR become slaves and forget it! Time has passed for passiveness. This affects us all but a few can not make a dent in the lies and illegal abuse of the country. The government is committing fraud at every turn and and getting away with it. That includes TAX EVASION!!


  • Retire all of federal government and return power to states.

  • National Director Dee, why hasn't my post been displayed?  Are you just another scam?  If so this post will njot be displayed either, bit I will know just how successful a scammer you are, and I will know that we tea partiers, are so screwed, also.

  • The IRS, is the bastard child of the Federal Reserve, which is not federal, and has no reserve.  It could not qualify as a law when enacted, so it was called an ACT!!!  Just as the Affordable Care ACT, cannot qualify as real law.  But they pretend in D.C., that it is law, and enforce as law, against an ignorant population.  We are so ignorant that we don't know how to deal with an Admiralty Jurisdiction (law of the sea) court.  In fact, we don't even know that they have no lawful jurisdiction on land.  Notice that I said "lawful", not Legal.  In order for a crime to be committed someone must be injured, in a lawful proceeding.  In a "legal" proceeding, anything that someone THINKS SHOULD be legal, based on their prejudiced reasoning, can be declared legal.  Which is the favorite tool of the LEGAL, system, and the corrupt GOVERNMENT.

  • This is perfect proof that big government does not work.  The IRS also has gotten to big and when that happens the fraud is massive.  Any over sight committee could not locate all the waste.  I believe big government is meant to do this.  This is just massive stealing and the corruption just continues.  I agree that the IRS needs to be taken down and never reestablished again.  If you cant find enough people to help do anything the government is involved in  it is time to realize that people are all out for the money.  Following the example of this corrupt government.

  • If you work for the IRS, then you are un-American.
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