Dear Tea Party

Dear Tea Party,

I have joined today simply because I am a tired American. I say Tired American because Obama and his minions(which are communist) a have beaten me and my pride to the core.  But i am still a proud American and you cant push me down for long.

When did it become ok to be a communist? When did it become ok for the American flag to become tarnished they way he tarnish it? When did become a right of passage to shit on those who actually work their ass off to be where they are today and praise those who sit on their ass and live off OUR tax dollars? and last but certainly not least, this is what pisses me off the most, when did it become ok to disrespect our men and women who have fought to keep this Country free and safe.

I am new to the Tea Party and I'm the kind to stand behind my party as long as they stand behind me.  I cant keep my mouth and i wont back down from a fight. 

I believe that the people in the government are not listening to We the People. That's what cause the first revolution and i don't think they want another.

I'm mad, No, I'm pissed. and everyone in the America should be. I'm tired looking at the news to see a new bill has passed with out your or my permission. Don't our tax dollars give them a pay check?? Aren't We the People the boss??? so why aren't we getting what we want??

The Liberal American people are ignorant. As long as the news casters keep telling them what they want to hear and the government keeps cutting them a check they are happy. Brain washing children into believing in a false history book and leading all people to believe as long as you keep your eyes on the TV your mouth shut and your ass in the lazy-boy no harm will come to you. What America is this?? It's not the one i grew up to.

And lets talk about this gun control crap. ALMOST EVERY MASS SHOOTING  THAT HAS HAPPENED, THE SHOOTER HAS STOLEN THE GUN THEY USED. We need to wake up these dumb ass Americans who want gun control. For what?? When Obama and his minions want to take over and make this a communist state or for when they allow Al-qaeda to take over?? Because you know we are funding the rebels in Sryia which are basically apart of Al-qaeda.HELLO!

Not one man or women on the Earth gave me the right to believe what i believe, God gave me that right. And i will be damned if i let anyone take that away from me or anyone else.

thank you for reading what goes on in my mind

Victoria Witty

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  • Hi Victoria, like you, I'm new and pissed about everything that's happening.  I don't know about anyone else, but, I personally feel helpless and frustrated because I don't know what I can do to stop the craziness before its to late.  I don't think signing another petition is helpful, they just ignore them.  I do have one idea, tell me what you think.  What if every pissed off person, Republican or Democrat, unregisters from their party affiliation.  It is simple to do online, takes a half hour to do and costs no money.   If it could be coordinated to be done on a certain day it might get the attention of our elected officials.  I want them to hear us!  And if it doesn't work, no harm done, re-register.  Just an idea.  

  • Welcome, Victoria! Like you, I am one tired American. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Congress has passed a budget that funds everything EXCEPT Obamacare. It's now up the Senate. Now we flood our senators with emails and letters to REMIND them what We The People expect of them - whether they are Dems or Republicans. We need them to LISTEN to our voices. Congress has done its job and SPOKE FOR US. We have to make clear to the Senate what we want.

  • Victoria, Welcome. We can always use the support of another good and faithful Patriot.

  • It is time to form a third party.  Neither party listens or represents the core values of the tea Party movement. 

  • Right on Victoria. We are tired and the fight has begun. Have Heart... God did not create America to be destroyed by fools.

  • mega Ditto's Amen

  • Welcome, were are all mad as hell about our hijacked government. Because of people like us. (Have a brain.) That we are beginning to be heard. A revolution without firing a shot... (we hope)
  • Welcome to one more willing to fight the stupidity which not only includes this idiotic administration but our representation as well. None of this could happen without their assistance. They think by ignoring Obozo they can claim ignorance and say they had nothing to do with his lunacy, but in their positions, silence is just as damaging. And then we have those lap puppies who go along with him, period. They could have easily removed the illegal clown from position as well as his next in line who's just as useless.

  • Welcome to the tea party Victoria. We all share your sentiments. The liberal media will not delve into most of the subjects you will read on this site. 

      Because this is my hot topic: Most of us believe Obamacare is the worse entitlement program ever. If you agree and, have not signed the petition, I urge you to go to and do so.  Tell your friends too.

      Gun ownership is a right granted to all citizens in the Constitution. Any elected official ie,, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Obama etc.. is sworn to uphold the entire Constitution, not just the parts they agree with. Any of them who suggests taking firearms away from law abiding citizens are themselves breaking their oaths and should be removed from office. What they should be focused on is removing fire arms from criminals and the mentally ill.

  • Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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