Delayed Commentary on the Elections the other day

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Trump is a symptom, not a cause. Trump’s endorsements aren’t pulling his candidates over the finish line, the story goes, and he alienates centrists, moderates and independents. Trump is fracturing the Republican Party, they say. The fractures are there, alright, but Trump didn’t create them. After years — nay, decades — of mouthing conservative platitudes only to capitulate to the Left when elected, the “grassroots” no longer believes anyone from the Republican “establishment,” and words like “bipartisanship” are signals for we’ll back down at the first sign of pressure. If you really want Trump out and someone else in, find a candidate who is unafraid to oppose the hardcore left, infuriate democrats, thumb his (or her) nose at the left-wing media and stand up for ordinary Americans against the weaponized apparatus of the Deep State. The GOP needs to unite behind a candidate. Spend some time on social media and you’ll see.

As weak, incompetent, corrupt and destructive as biden is, if Republicans are divided, libs/dems win.

Also, election integrity matters more than ever. If Republicans want a message to drive home in 2024 and thereafter, this is a big one. In addition to the ease with which electronic voting can be manipulated, as we saw the other day, we have the very real prospect of non-citizens voting. 8 to 10 million people are believed to have entered the U.S. illegally since biden took office. 15 states and the District of Columbia require no photo identification to vote. Add to that mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, and you have the very real prospect of people who have no right to vote casting ballots in U.S. elections. What we need is mandatory voter identification, a return to paper ballots, in-person voting, and to make Election Day an annual national holiday.


He's lying--AGAIN!

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