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It is a fundamental assumption flaw of wokeness to equate sexual equality with sameness. wokeism preaches to its disciples to ignore or reject any differences between the sexes. Obvious differences they want to deny include genes, organs, hormones, as well as the development of the brain, dispositions, and behaviors along with differences concerning styles of using language, processing emotions, solving problems, relating to others, and displaying skills. This woke notion of sameness is inconsistent with the biological, neurological, psychological, and sociological evidence. Differences are found in the expression of one's physical, psychological, moral, social, and yes, spiritual capacities, as well as in the expression of one's life's callings and virtues.

The biological body is a significant contributor to the person and personality. All psychological functions are influenced by our body and take place in it. Consider the huge amount of evidence from developmental neuroscience, physiology and from the related position of evolutionary theory. In short, to stimulate the human mind, one must also stimulate the human body.

Traditional--evidence-philosophical-spiritual(1) based--recognition of differences. while professing equality, is explained by the complementary nature between the sexes. When taken together, they provide a synergy that is a greater good than what they are considered as separate and different without respect to their relevance to each other. In other words, the traditional view is that there is a common human nature while at the same time sexually differentiated expressions of that nature, namely male and female.

Fact is, male and female brains are wired differently in a way that supports the traditional general sex difference interpretation. For example, even the American Psychiatric Association points out that a given disorder is more common in one sex or that the same disorder is manifested in different ways by each sex.

Reality proves each sex specializes in certain necessary biological and social tasks to create an environment better suited for human survival. Research and experience has shown that the feminine genius is rooted in being for the other, whereas the masculine genius is rooted in doing for the other, but at the same time, men are called to be for others as they do things, and women are called to do things as they are devoted to others.

The social constructionism of wokeism, however, is built upon a distinction between sex and gender. While sex is merely biological, for them instead, gender signifies how culture influences our views of masculinity and femininity, including the roles and characteristics that are supposedly appropriate for men and women, physiology be damned. Their rallying cry being "Don't follow the science."

The biological body is a significant contributor to the person and personality. All psychological functions are influenced by our body and take place in it. Consider the huge amount of evidence from developmental neuroscience, physiology and from the related position of evolutionary theory. In short, to stimulate the human mind, one must also stimulate the human body.

"The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families. ... In vain are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if loose principles and licentious habits are impressed upon children in their earliest years." —John Adams

Many public school teachers are dedicated folks who work hard in difficult districts because they are devoted to their students. However, with child sexual predation, most abuse occurs in K-12 schools, and is the result of failed school administrators. In many cases, those administrators have attempted to conceal the abuse.

You won't hear about this from the teacher unions, but the U.S. Department of Education estimates that as many as one in 10 children has been subjected to sexual misconduct by school employees. I suppose that follows, given that schools are full of child victims for predators to target.

In addition to physical abuse by predators, most children are now being subjected to deviant gender-confused indoctrination at ever-younger ages, "grooming" activities that are sanctioned by leftist school administrators and unions. While this indoctrination is common in public school classrooms in states under liberal control, it is a growing problem in urban centers and other conservative states where cities are under liberal control.

Most parents do not consent to their children being exposed to what amounts to gender-dysphoric indoctrination. They often have no chance to opt out. That's a parental right and public business when a teacher takes gender-confused pathology into a classroom.

To be clear, "welcoming and inclusive" is code for woke’s  flawed"diversity, equity and inclusion."

I realize school administrators nationwide are constrained by an errant 2020 Supreme Court decision classifying deviant sexual pathology as a "protected civil right," on par with race and ethnicity. That court decision set into motion a litany of contortionist efforts by government bureaucracies (including schools) and private sector business to "accommodate" this gender diktat. That notwithstanding, there are members of school boards and administrations who fully support this deviant indoctrination.

This issue is, at its core, about the institutional failures propagated by leftist teacher unions and administrators, ultimately to their shame and disgrace, and the detriment of our young people.

To be clear, I don't believe that most people ensnared by gender-confusion culture or pathology are evil. Most are, themselves, victims of prior sexual abuse or have grown up with ineffectual/absentee fathers. They deserve our compassion.

However, those self-proclaimed "enlightened" liberals who want to deceptively "normalize" gender-confusion pathology are endeavoring to abandon people in their degraded state of suffering, and it is they who deserve our condemnation, much more so than the afflicted, for having abandoned them enslaved in their darkness and depression.

That is evil.

We all want to protect kids, a fitting rallying slogan would be, Protect Kids, Not Groomers.

“The earnest advocates of atheism and sexual perversion. This sprawling alliance of anti-God enthusiasts has proven frighteningly efficient at remaking America in their own brutal, dehumanizing image. In the space of a few decades, they have managed to entrench abortion and homosexual behavior, objectify children into sexual objects, criminalize Christianity in the popular culture, and promote guilt and self-doubt as the foremost qualities of our national character.”--Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives

1.     "The grace of the infused moral virtues shapes and energizes our human operative capacities, intellect, will, and sense appetites."--Cessario


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