Disenfranchised White Psychology in 2015

I am working on a book about the strange psychology of US progressives (neo-communists) and so-called “conservative-republicans”  (republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the neo-communist democrat party).  Following is an excerpt from that book.

     Many “conservative republicans” white people harbor incongruent, highly stressful, and contradictory thoughts about black racism and “white racism”. Such people are mostly leftists, just under the skin, who swear that they are not leftists. However, their stress level is very high as they observe large numbers of hate crimes, rapes, riots, murders, bullying and criminal behavior by blacks, 24-7. White “conservative-republicans” are afraid to face the truth about the sorry attitudes of: racism, racial-supremacy, minority parasitism and anti-Constitutionalism among blacks. Most blacks harbor no patriotism for the government and flag, that exploits the white majority’s hard economic labors in order to treat blacks like an ersatz nobility of crime.   

      “Conservative-republicans” also fear black violence, bullying, rioting, and hate crimes for which blacks are never punished. They also choose to remain in ignorance about the endless number of above-the-law, special privileges extended by federal government racists to petulant, hate-filled blacks. “Conservative-republicans” can be summed up as pretending to harbor, "white middle-class goodness," an orientation that is more concerned with establishing anti-racist (wnti-white) bona fides than with confronting systematic black racism in all its evil forms.

          Internal psychological contradictions between black racist reality and false leftist fantasies of down-trodden, angelic blacks, cause much suffering among white people trying to lie to themselves and others. There are complex relationships between class and race that seriously endanger contemporary white identity. In fact black racists rave about totally genociding not only white values but also white lives.

       There are four ways pro-black orientation is expressed among white people, each serving to establish their own lack of racism: the denigration of lower-class white people as responsible for ongoing white racism, the demonization of antebellum slaveholders, an emphasis on colorblindness-especially in the context of white childrearing-and the cultivation of attitudes of white guilt, shame, and betrayal.

True white liberals, on the other hand, are even sicker. They deny ALL evidence of black racist crime and displace it entirely, as blame on other whites. Is it any wonder that so many of them are drug addicts, drunks, and practitioners of sexual perversion?  US leftists pretend that blacks are law-abiding, non-criminal, not-racists, not minority parasites and are of no danger to white families.

White people should become aware of black supremacist reality and quit denying it, since “the ostrich approach” encourages more black demands and murders. White men and women, should ask themselves if their tax-paying (used to give black racists a free ride), is actually morally correct.  They should also ask why they are being taxed without enjoying fair representation in government or in any aspect of society. They should further ask themselves, “why do blacks get away with so much criminal behavior unpunished,” while whites are punished very hard for “crimes” that could more honestly described as impotent venting or speaking one’s mind.

Whites need a new ethos of moral courage and aggressiveness that honestly acknowledges black criminality, racism, race supremacy, constant deceit, minority racism, bullying, special racial privileges and intimidation. Then whites should band together for self defense and political action, by creating a political party that represents ONLY the best interests of the white majority. A new, white-representative political party will transform whites into more fully functioning human beings who will be honest and courageous role models for their children.  White people, must mobilize their whiteness in the pursuit of racial justice against black criminality, racism, race supremacy, constant deceit, minority racism, bullying, special racial privileges and intimidation, rather than seeking a self-righteous distance from it.

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