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“Financial blacklisting doesn’t just rob you of a chance to spread your message: it robs you of your ability to do business, your livelihood, your very means of functioning in a capitalist society and it has now become a reality.”— Allum Bokhari

esg is a kind of social credit scoring system, similar to the ones now being used by the Chinese Communist party to tightly control its population and economy. esg is a system by which nameless, faceless, unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats can impose arbitrary rules on corporations and dictate how they do business based on nothing but cultural and political whims, regardless of your political philosophy or causes you support or oppose. esg is possible to dramatically alter almost any part of life by changing corporate behavior.

esg ratings are offered by moody's investor service, morningstar, msci, and s&p global. According to a report by kpmg, thousands of companies, located in more than 50 countries, have esg systems in place. Governments around the world are now putting policies into place that are designed to coerce or, in some cases, even outright Force most large businesses to adapt the social credit scoring system esg. The world economic forum and the international business council collaborated to create a set of universal, material esg metrics. Moody’s has created the esg score predictor analytics to provide 56 esg scores on more than 140 million public and private companies globally.

The more authoritarian it gets, the more likely it is that businesses will opt out. This is why so many businesses and government want to make esg, or something similar to it, mandatory, incentivized. As a business owner, if you do anything at all that would normally be favored by esg, you're incentivized to develop and distribute your own comprehensive esg report. Otherwise you're going to end up with whatever esg score Moody's algorithm gives to you. For the left-wing elites who want a the great narrative, this is a win-win scenario. Join or die.

esg dedicated investment funds, including black rock, state street global advisors, morgan stanley, allianz, goldman sachs, fidelity, ubs group,and vanguard, control more than $100 trillion. larry fink of black rock said” "access to Capital is not a right it's a privilege." That in essence is threatening companies who refuse to go along with the esg agenda, while the esg asset managers become significantly richer from weaponizing esg, choosing to go all in on left wing causes. Why fight a political opponent if you could just buy him off?
Under Trump, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency published the fair access rule that would have mandated that large Banks conduct risk assessment of individual customers, rather than make broad-based decisions affecting whole categories or classes of customers when provisioning access to services, capital, and credit. This was designed to stop Banks from using esg scores and other subjective measures to discriminate against particular industries or customers, which is a foundational part of the great reset. Almost immediately upon entering office biden rescinded that.

Humanity can thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution while embracing both the benefits of emerging technologies and a passionate commitment to inalienable, unchangeable, eternal human rights. But that cannot happen if we submit ourselves to the world economic forum’s great narrative.

What's to be done:

1. Dismantle corporate and government ESG scores

2. Think and act local.

3 . Large corporations which have effectively become government partners, should be required to adhere to the Bill of Rights.

4. Protection of data should be enhanced. Data is power.

5. The Federal Reserve needs to be dramatically reformed. The left-wing/democrats have killed any attempts to do such. The government issued digital currency should never be allowed.

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