As high school seniors near graduation, they very often pull senior pranks. One young man in Colorado, however, was suspended from school and banned from graduation because of his prank. The incident caused no damage to the school and was pretty harmless. But, the visual of what he did angered his high school principal so much that she immediately lost it and went on a rampage. His prank? Raising the freedom representing Gadsden flag on the school’s flagpole.

The Examiner reported that on May 9th, Greg Stoneburner replaced the school’s flag with the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, one that is used by the Tea Party movement as an expression of freedom and the willingness to fight for it.

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According a Facebook post by Stoneburner, he was not attempting to push any political affiliation, but was merely trying to “encourage historical and contemporary discussion about our student rights.”

Upon seeing the flag waving in the air with Old Glory, the principal of Central High School, Jodie Diers, went on a rampage yelling to take the flag down. Stoneburner was pulled out of a scholarship breakfast, along with his parents, and told that he was not welcome at Central High and that his prank was ‘a slap in the face’ to the school.

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  • Diers and folks like her need to go the way of the dodo.....communism is NOT welcome here in the USA...and those parents need to sue, sue, sue......

  • What do you expect from Commierado??.

  • Maybe someone ought to enlighten the   "teacher"..Explain where  the don't tread on me came from.   A little history might help the lady.   She went way overboard on her reaction.  

  • Good for You Greg Stoneburner !!!!!!!

  • I thought it was "seperation of church and state" not "seperation of conservative views from any public place, at any time, by anyone, for any reason, on any public property unless they are liberal/progressive viewpoints".  Now, if she has issues with the young man because he did something that breaks school rules, that's expected, but if she has issues because he was making a political statement and she disagrees, that's un American and illegal. 

  • Yep fire that bimbo . 

  • Should fire the PRINCIPLE!! and make that our national flag!!!


     any and all here is the boneheads email

    Drop an email to let you know how you feel, I have

  • God forbid that we should remember the historic roots of the founding of our Republic. Had this been the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement he would have graduated at the head of his class. What a pathetic state of affairs in the public ed. system.

  • U can make your own stamps, design your own.

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