Gohmert – We Had Deal With Trump Twice, Establishment Ryan And Priebus Vetoed Both

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Vice President Pence said yesterday in a speech in Ohio that, “You can take that to the bank, President Trump is never going to stop fighting to keep the promises he made to the American people, and we will make America great again. We will repeal and replace Obamacare and give the American people the world class health care they deserve.” Just in case the meaning of the word repeal has gotten lost in all of the retreating and calls to compromise with the establishment status quo representatives like Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan, repeal is defined as: “the action of revoking or annulling a law or congressional act.” It doesn’t say anything about converting it to a lite or watered down version of its former self.

The anchor posts two Trump tweets that indicate the effort to get a deal to repeal Obamacare is still in process. She notes that the House Freedom Caucus is crucial to the success of any bill, the same Freedom Caucus that President Trump has turned on in recent days, supposedly now willing to supplant his base with Democrats or Democrat lites, like Priebus and Ryan.

Rep Louie Gohmert, a Freedom Caucus member, joins the host for a discussion of the situation. He’s asked why he was so adamantly opposed to the passage of Ryancare, noting that “It feels a great deal like the 2008 Wall Street bailout, when we had immense pressure on us, ‘you just gotta pass this.’ He also points out the similarity to HW Bush’s administration with the establishment saying, ‘Aw, it’s a little bitty tax increase, don’t worry about it, we’ve got to get this done.’ That same kind of mentality.”

He addresses the increased power of the HHS Secretary and compares it to the power that Jeh Johnson, NSA and others wound up with under the Obama regime following the passage of the Patriot Act under George W Bush.

To watch video go to http://rickwells.us/gohmert-deal-trump-twice-establishment-ryan-priebus-vetoed/

He says, “When people find out, if this bill passes as it is, people find out number one their rates go up, number two this was not a repeal, it gave government more power. He says they had a deal with the President twice, with the primary issue being the reduction of premiums “and each time Priebus and Ryan say ‘no, no, no, you can’t do that. He wanted to make a deal, he was ready to make a deal.” He says at some point on Tuesday there was a meeting in which the decision to go to war was made, the Freedom Caucus who stood by the President was identified as the enemy and those who abandoned Trump, like Paul Ryan, were embraced.

Asked about the threats against the Freedom Caucus members by the White House, Gohmert said, “If this bill passes, the President’s administration will be defined for the next four years as a fraud, as they promised repeal and they gave more power to the government, and it’s costing us more. It is going to destroy his administration.”

He adds, “But it’s a two-fer for the establishment; they destroy the conservatives, the grass roots that stood by the President, and they make the President look terrible when people actually find out how bad this hurts the American individual.

Gohmert says the tax fight could also be negatively impacted by a weakened conservative base, that Trump “is taking advice from Priebus, who’s establishment to the core, predicting the success or failure of the Trump presidency rides on what happens over the next thirty days.

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  • I agree... Trump is getting very bad advice from Priebus ... in fact, when I heard that Priebus was to be his Chief of Staff I was shaken to the core... that alone speaks very poorly of Trump's judgment.  I had hoped Trump would be more than his word and am finding out he can't even cover his own word.... let along expand on it.

    Trump would do well to rethink his White House Staff and ... cull out those who are Establishment fixtures... along with looking into cutting deeply into the bureaucrats appointed by Obama at every level of government... Paying specially attention to the critical functionaries of government: STATE, DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, DOD, the Judiciary, etc...

  • Just more political double talk.

    President Trump will get to the bottom of this and straighten it all out.


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