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  • You are not alone... I am now unable to work around Emails marked as junk... I can no longer open new comments received in my Email in order to make replies. All Emails from Patriot Command Center are marked Junk, even after I label them 'Not Junk' and transfer them to another folder. It is getting very difficult to participate on this site and if this is happening across the board... it will effectively derail this site.
  • I found out now that if I make my emails not spam they go to my inbox, with gooful gsnail.
  • Ditto for some reason I can't designate CC as a "Safe Sender".
  • GOOD!
  • I am going to try using another email service like duckduckgo instead of corrupt gmail.
  • They are doing the same thing to my command center gmails, and I tried to contact google about it, but I can't find an email to contact them. This is intentional with them so what should we do about it to stop it???
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