Just perused Sanford's HR 1072 and Rand Paul's S 222.

Almost identical bills in House and Senate, they totally repeal Obamacare.

They introduce:
HSA Health Savings Accounts

Small business associations for the purpose of obtaining healthcare group rates

Medicaid would be administered by the states

Some amendments should be added at last minute for women's issues like the Ryan plan

Freedom Caucus, the Republican conservative group who didn't like Ryan's bill, likes these. If Ryan's ego doesn't interfere, they are better plans. SPEAKER RYAN MUST IMMEDIATELY SCHEDULE THESE BILLS FOR VOTE. IF HE DOESN'T, THEN TRUMP HAS GIVEN HIM ENOUGH ROPE TO HANG HIMSELF.

Didn't see anything about defunding Planned Parenthood but Diane Black's HR 354 with 139 co-sponsors still has to be voted on.

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