Recently I posted to a story about progressive liberals and I been thinking about this a lot and feel like it needs to be expanded on as well as discussed by others.

Our rights as Americans have slowly been erroded by liberalism. If you think about it you will also see that we the people have allowed ourselves to be part of a world that is wrong on so many levels. We freely gave up rights because we was too lazy or too busy or whatever the reason to fight for our rights.

Back in the 70's is when liberalism seems to have taken a firm foot hold. Advocacy groups started emerging for this or that. One in particular is the child abuse advocasy groups. Now dont get me wrong. I am firmly against child abuse and it angers me to hear of a child that has been abused. But we went from one extreme to another. Now because of these groups pushing for laws upon laws protecting children, we as parents or guardians are no longer able to spank a child. Yet if you ask me thats a violation of my rights as a parent, and my rights as an American. Here is why. The word of my God tells me that if I spare the rod is to spoil the child. The bible also tells me to raise a child rightious in the eyes of God. Yet the liberals seem to think they know more than God. Laws have been enacted that if I spank a child then I am a criminal. Is that not a violation of the first amendment to the constitution. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. To tell me I cant spank a child who needs a spanking and that makes me a criminal when the word of my God tells me I must is a law that violates my freedom of religion. It infringes upon my free exercise of my religion. As an American I am responsible for anything a child in my care does. Yet as an American i become a criminal if i discipline a child.

Then liberals went after God himself. Because governments fund schools they are not allowed to even mention God in a school. Is this not athiesm, the religion of no God. Schools even been reported to be teaching about the muslim faith. How is it we are able to have athiesm and muslim in schools but we cant have God in schools. Our country was founded on the principle of in God we trust. Our founding fathers firmly believed in God. When the Bill of Rights was written and the part of seperation of church and state was put in it wasnt to remove God from government, it was to prevent one religion or another from dominating government yet liberals twisted it to suit their agenda.

If we look at the recent past we have incidents such as Columbine, Sandy Hill, and others where children went to school with a gun and killed other children. People ask where was God yet fail to understand they allowed God to be thrown out of school. Would these tragadies have happened if we was allowed to spank our children, or if God wasnt thrown out of school.

Thas what liberal progress have given us. Children are growing up with no morals so to speak of, they willingly kill other children, they think the world owes them and in effect have become liberals themselves. They have really never had to work for anything and never developed the feeling of accomplishment from earning anything. They lack morals and integrity all because the liberals felt that no one should spank a child and God had no place in our lives. They have created a total self centered generation.

Then the liberals wanted our guns. The constitution is clear. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Does not banning any form of guns infringe the rights granted to us by the constitution?  Are not these laws unconstitutional? The liberals have argued that we are not free states. When did that happen?

The sad part of all of this is we sat back and did nothing while the liberals wiped their asses with our rights.

You have to wonder if it is too late. I dont think it is. Many of these laws can be struck down as being unconstitutional. Laws preventing a parent from disciplining a child is unconstitutional. laws banning any guns is unconstitutional. All we really need is dedicated lawyers who are also patriots to take the fight to them. We also need patriots willing to help finance these lawyers as well as send letters and emails to our elected officials telling them they are in violation of the constitution and have broken their vow to protect it. We need people to loudly proclaim that we demand our rights.

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  • Rising little liberals-- I personally had that happen. My wife and step daughter who was 12 when I married her mother. I understood my job was to be a father figure to the child, or so i thought. What i ran into was opposition from my wife when i applied disciplined. "Be home at 12 no later, in the door." 1215 comes and goes and then we'd get a call from the other side of town "I forgot! I'll be home after I drop off my friends." The wife was quick to buy the excuse, I wasn't: I had heard it to many times before. This continued throw high school , while she skipped classes, got caught shop lifting twice, and possession of weed. None of this was her fault. her friends made her do it! It's OK all of her friends do it! Her mother was always quick to furnish excuses for her. I was basely told to shut up and not upset the child " Your not her father" who was dead.
    My wife continued to make excuses for her and lie to friends, unlimited undeserved phrase of the child, regardless. My wife call it LOVE. I came to realize that all of this LOVE wasn't love at all but rather My wife'sinability to face a problem. She raised her daughter as her equal, her best friend, her pal. Never as her child, which allowed her not to take the responsibility for parenting. My wife LOVED her right into a federal prison for cashing counterfeit payroll checks.
    She spent two years in a federal prison ( they called prison camp?) Thank GOD! The good part is when she got out she came home with a whole new attitude about her self and the function of discipline. She has done terrific and after a year of watching her put her life together i gave her a hug and told her how proud I am of her.
    She now has step children of her own to deal with and a whole new prospective of parenting.

    We have a whole generation of kids out there who were raised in a single parent home with little or no discipline, who were praised for every thing they did and raised with no sense of self responsibility. Back that up with with years of being told by their schools, and TV to go home and discipline their parents for their poor life style choices. Now they have hair on their bodies they think they can tell us what we need to do to correct the problems in America. One thing i see over and over is, they will oppose an issue but they never have any answers to a problem, it's your doing it wrong,every time. Their inability to reason, gather information, an lack of experience, creates a narcisstic person who operates out of rebellion and emotions.
    We have the king of narcissim on in our white house. who's narcissic personality allows "no one to tell him what to do!"

  • This is because the present day Republican Party allowed the Democrats and the corrupt Media that's in bed with them to label us without a fight . These republicans don't know how to fight back and I'm sick and tired of being told I'm racist, hate women, want to throw grandma off a cliff, hate kids etc .  When the democrats call us racist the republicans answer back by saying " We can't raise taxes on the wealthy job creators " .    When the democrats say we want old people to die and we're throwing grandma over the cliff the republicans answer back by saying " We can't raise taxes on the wealthy job creators " . That's why we lose.

  • When we did voice our concerns, we were called racist and bigots; demonized by liberals. Why, you ask? Power and Money! Liberals found that it is easier to steal from the people by putting the blame on a Godless Government. Look at the democratic party...all Politian's became rich, very rich, once in office; Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton, Jackson and the like. You see, Liberals do not feel guilty stealing and lying because they took God out of the equation. How do we fix it? You start by cleaning house; as Jesus did at the temple.

  • Everyone needs to stand strong,EVERYONE !. Ban guns,nah,i dont think so,we need the gun bans and restrictions lifted totaly,once and for all. It is time we take back our rights not just hold onto the one that we have left. The libtards do not understand that we mean,we will not give up our guns,NOT GIVE THEM UP,PERIOD. Support the nra and the nagr or any gun rights group now and show your support,PLEASE.

  • They have been working on it for a very long time. The old saying "Death by a thousand tiny cuts."  Mark my word, though I hope that something drastic happens and the regime will be thrown out. Olblamea/Frankensteins gunbann "laws" are going to go through with little resistance. The evil one has much power, many evil ones are behind he and his minions, along with the Billions of dollars of ill gotten gains.

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