Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: What I am talking about here is where the confederacy was more for states separation rights which should be guaranteed in the Constitution and the whole thing was not mainly over slavery and not
over racism but states rights were not given which seem to have
triggered the civil war.

I was told at a civil war state park by a knowledgeable woman that worked at a North Carolina historical park that seem to not be afraid to speak the truth even if it may have been against the US Government.

She told me that the civil war was not fought mainly over slavery, that the south was going to eventually abolish slavery just as the North, that it was mainly over the Confederates wanting to create a
union that supported states running their own governments and that they
can separate from the union.

So was this whole slavery civil war talk a lie, propaganda from the Federal Government to turn people against separating from the union anytime the Federal Government gets hijacked by special interest groups
and secret societies and which we are clearly seeing at this time.

This woman was very knowledgeable but I will refuse to tell her name and the historical park she worked at for safety purposes and so she can keep de-brainwashing people without the federal government
targeting her.

I think it is interesting that she speaks the truth, that the whole civil war, the whole confederacy was not mainly fought over slavery but was actually fought over states rights.

Also she was saying that the North was making more money then the South even though they did work in agriculture but made less money because the North used Industry and I guess they felt they were being
underpaid and were being used by the North so all these different
reasons started the Confederacy which led to the civil war and it was
not mainly fought over slavery.

I am shocked that a person working for a state parks service which is government-run would speak out against the federal government or teach that propaganda has turned people against the confederacy but I
guess since shes working with the state and not the federal government
she rather the states ran things then the federal government I agree
with her if that is what she believes.

The Federal Government is a centralized power establishment and if a few elites run the whole country disaster can unfold like it has with politicians taking bribes to pass stupid and unconstitutional laws,
secret societies taking control of politician seats, and manipulating
the media to their own uprising of their expandable powers.

So I rather be for states rights then being a federalist because our federal government can be easily hijacked and overthrown and if our troops were run by states they can tackle the corrupted states if those
states planned to overthrow the free states, then the free states can
fight back against those that wish to destroy those freedom supporting

So we need to start debunking the propaganda that the states that wanted separation from the union or the confederacy was all for slavery and racism but that they just wanted to have decentralized power
because the only way to commit treason at a very high level and take
over a high percentage of the whole world is centralization because it
would be too hard to practically commit treason in every state so the
treasonous traitors of the elite thought about centralizing government
and have all 50 states under their control.

I thank this anonymous educator for bringing out the real truth about the confederacy.

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