If You Want To Regain Freedom, Learn Strategem

The history of wars (political and shooting wars) shows that in all times successful military and political  leaders have given great importance to stratagem. They endeavored to force on the enemy false notions concerning their troops and intentions and thereby establish better conditions for victory.

Our enemies here in America have used the stratagems of Marxist-Leninism to beat us down to the level of serfs or wage slaves. The founders of Marxism-Leninism repeatedly pointed to the importance of strategem. F. Engels, in investigating wars, explained the setbacks of the Prussian Army during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) to neglect of procedures for misleading the enemy. He criticized the military leaders of the feudal period for the fact that they fought "without any strategems."

V.I. Lenin had high regard for the strategem question. He wrote that "there are no wars without stratagem," and that "it is essential to endeavor to catch the enemy by surprise— and "be able to use the inflexibility..of the enemy and attack it when it least expects an attack."

The experience of the employment of stratagem has accumulated over many centuries. This is clearly shown by world history and the history of our European fatherland.

For example, the methods of armed combat of our ancient European forbears are instructive. Against the routine tactics of the enemy which fought in such formations as the phalanx and cohort, their soldiers successfully employed the strategem: they enticed the enemy troops into positions advantageous for themselves and then attacked. "Often they abandoned their loot as if out of fear," wrote the "Strategicon," "and retreated into the forest and then, rushing by surprise from there, caused great losses to those who approached the loot."

Strategem must be used in political warfare, or else victory is impossible in that sphere. The consequences of the struggle between communist evil and Christian Constitutionalism is too important to do anything but our intellectual best.

The given historical material makes it possible to define strategem as an aggregate of measures aimed at achieving surprise in military and political operations and thereby creating additional opportunities for victory with the least expenditures of men, weapons and time. The main components of strategem are secrecy and misleading the enemy.

Secrecy, in turn, can be defined as a range of measures relating to vigilance, the keeping of military secrecy and camouflage with the aim being to ensure the survival of one's troops and the achieving of surprise.

          Misleading the enemy or deception is a range of measures relating to disinformation, feints and simulation carried out in the aim of creating a false idea in the enemy about one's troops, future methods and forthcoming areas of operations. The aim of deception is to force on the enemy a plan which is advantageous for oneself, to cause the enemy to weaken his group, to divert attention, men and weapons from the areas of real combat to a false sector and thereby achieve surprise.

Of course, the definition given here of strategem and its components is not complete. In fact, I am holding out many secrets of stratagem, because oour enemies will read this. Thus, this concept has not been theoretically elaborated in a proper manner. At the same time, the experience of the past irrefutably shows the importance which strategem has played in various historical periods and under various historical conditions. For this reason, there is an urgent need to study the acquired experience and improve it on a new basis. The 2nd American Revolution will employ stratagem in its political warfare.

The development of scientific and technical progress has led to the development of more modern equipment and weapons and to the appearance of new forms and methods of armed combat. There are also many new political tactics that patriots must become masters of. Such Skills also exist among our probable enemies who in every possible way endeavor to conceal this.

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