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Much of the objectionable anti-racist curricula we see today in public schools has trickled down from schools of education, which have become centers for leftist indoctrination. Until 2020 or so, teachers who subscribed to this view of education might have been reluctant to implement its core principles in ways that would draw criticism from parents, school boards, and risk-averse administrators. Then The Year of Our Floyd happened, and the critical pedagogy movement went into overdrive. The political environment made it dangerous for school administrators to seem neutral even toward radical forms of anti-racist curricula. The institutionalization(1) of critical pedagogy became a non-negotiable imperative, sanctified by the bogus martyr of Minneapolis campaign including post-truths, half-truths, no-truths and left-wing value judgments—to develop, exploit and amplify.

Academic racism is an intellectualized and raced based ideology of hatred fostered and propagated in classrooms and newsrooms. It consists of a fuzzy, maze of pseudo-theory that conceals visceral hatred under a veneer of intellectualism and enlightenment. It is an ad-hoc mixture of cultural marxism and racial mythologies that have arisen from a desire to discredit Western culture. It promotes a myth that the achievements of Americans could only be the products of privilege and oppression of minorities. This nefariously developed ideology suppresses reality, history, cause and effect, freedom of thought and justifies racially motivated malice. Since students are easily duped, mallable and willingly surrender, full of ego-gratifying idealism, they are easily persuaded to become exactly what claim to be opposed to, prejudiced in their observations, racist in their conclusions and bigoted in their defense and blind to that, believing ignorantly in their own self-righteousness.

It appears that learning to hate someone you don’t know, who hasn’t done anything to you, and who is outrageous enough not to believe (far often for valid reasons you barely recognize let alone comprehend) what you believe, is part of a 21st-century student’s training.

Many schools which once were committed to academic freedom now require indoctrination sessions; that once believed in integration as a student life goal, now vigorously encourage students to see themselves as members of racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender identity groups; teach the false, poorly researched lies of the 1619 project and junk of howard zinn; and throw big money at resources, separate spaces, graduation events and more for these groups. As it currently stands there is little to no oversight or even public awareness of these activities.

Today’s woke mob think this is all enlightened recent discovery. But its start dates back decades to when antonio gramsci reformulated marxism into what’s known as cultural hegemony. This maintains that a ruling class manipulates culture and society through its control of influential institutions, thus establishing and maintaining its own class based perceptions, beliefs, values, and mores which they impose on the rest of the society. gramsci believed marxist elites in his formula would rule benevolently. And that there is such a thing as a free-lunch, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real. In other words, meet the new boss, much, much, much, much worse than the old boss!

Obviously, the educational system is important in this process since it is central in transmitting and preserving the ideology of whatever class dominates society. The woke elites use our educational system not so much for teaching knowledge and skills but, instead, for planning ideas in young, easily manipulated minds that will incline them to question freedom and accept that the government has the solution to every problem. It is designed to create obedience citizens, not productive, not independent ones.

Hence, today, under the woke intoxication, school children of all ages are being taught to hate their country, and, depending on their race, to hate themselves.(2). They are taught to reject whatever their parents and their faith have taught them, if it conflicts with the left-wing’s marxist based woke brainwashing, which according to Dr. Melissa Moschella, is incorporated into multiple subject areas, including English, Social Studies, Science, and even Math, presented as uncontested truth to which students must consent and conform, or be punished. Notably, teachers are also forced to teach these ideas regardless of objectives and can also be punished for expressing dissenting views.

“Elite medical schools are deliberately recruiting woke activists, jeopardizing their mission of training positions...The goal is to find students who will best advance divisive ideology, not to provide the best care to patients."--Dr Stanley Goldfarb and Laura l. Morgan

College departments of education, 1 of the least academically rigorous units on a campus, often containing the bottom 25% of their class rankings, have become one of the most ardent proponents of antiracist pedagogy, long-ago colonized by neo-marxist and maoists and enraptured by the work of kurt lewis and also paulo freire, a Brazilian maoist and an education school patron saint. As a result anti-racist pedagogy mimics the thought reform program developed by the Chinese during the butcher mao, which murdered millions and made the country a repressive, dumbed-down gulag during mao’s cultural revolution.

1.    The left is perfectly content using the liberal arts as a cover for its own brand of morality and ideology, one reason the liberal arts are dying and why students interested in serious learning will seek education in other areas. Do not conflate liberal learning with the liberal left-wing agenda.

2.    CRT has even led to the resegregation of our schools under the false guise of promoting equity.

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