Lawfare is next to Lawlessness

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Lawfare: "the strategic use of legal proceedings to intimidate or hinder an opponent."  It actually proves Trump's point. It proves that the people in charge, the people in power, are trying to take him down. Driven mad by hate, liberals kept imagining monstrous intrigues and plots being hatched by Trump.  The angrier they get, the nuttier their attacks on him became, and therefore are consistently ineffective.

One recent example is the Colorado Supreme Court ruling disqualifying Trump from being on the state ballot—for a crime he has NOT be charged with and he did NOT do! Talk about a threat to democracy and the rule-of-law!  All 7 members of Colorado's highest court were appointed by left-wing/democrats. The case was started by a Washington-based, aggressively anti-Trump activist group misnamed citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington, which recruited local Coloradans to file suit against Trump. The 5 others, all brought by left-wing/democratic or democratic-appointed prosecutors, and 3 are being tried before left-wing/dem-appointed judges. The ruling is particularly important because it applies to everyone. It doesn’t just affect presidential frontrunners and candidates for office. It has the potential to affect every American who engages in political speech of any kind, long after Trump is gone. 

1) New York Attorney General letitia james, a left-wing/democrat, ran on a platform of going after Trump. She filed a lawsuit intended to destroy Trump's business empire in New York. Judge engoron, a left-wing/dem, ruled Trump guilty before the trial began. Trump is now awaiting engoron's decision on damages. What rule-of-law left-winger?

2) Manhattan District Attorney alvin bragg, left-wing/dem, also ran on a platform of going after Trump, charging him with 34 felonies related to stormy daniels in the 2016 presidential campaign, widely regarded as the weakest of the criminal cases against Trump. It was assigned to Judge merchan, who made political contributions in 2020: biden, the progressive turnout project, and a group called stop republicans.

3) Special counsel jack smith, appointed by the biden Justice Dept, began his investigation of Trump a few months after the ny times said biden confided to his inner circle that he believed Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted and said privately that he wanted garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over Jan 6.  The case is under Judge chutkan, who was nominated to the federal bench by BObama and also contributed to BObama's 2008 campaign.

4) smith indicted Trump on 40 felony counts in the classified documents case. In contrast to the other cases, this one is being presided over by Judge cannon, appointed to the bench by Trump.

5) Fulton County District Attorney fani willis, left-wing/democrat, indicted Trump on 13 felony counts relating to the 2020 election. willis alleged a RICO conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election that included 19 defendants.

6 cases driven by left-wing/democrats and their appointees and activists, all Trump's political opponents. It is as if anti-Trump leaders concluded that elections did not succeed in getting rid of him and left-wing media attacks did not succeed in getting rid of him and investigations did not succeed in getting rid of him and now the next step, lawfare. It is hard to overstate how dangerously crazy this situation is.

Immediately after the 1st indictment, support for Trump in the Republican primary race shot upward. It rose further amid later indictments and lawsuits, going from 44% support before the indictment to 63% support today in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Some Republicans are clearly using support of Trump as a way to express their disapproval of the wave of prosecutions and lawsuits. Whether that will last is unclear.

An old trial lawyer rule is: If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you don't have the law on your side, pound the table. The left-wing/democrat are just pounding the table.
Scholars have said only the nation’s high court can settle the issue of whether the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol constituted an insurrection and whether Trump is banned from running. Which of course is another reason why left-wing/democrats are now attacking the Court, which is another of their threats to democracy and the rule-of-law.
In the new york times/Siena College national survey  Trump lead biden among young voters, 49% to 43%, enough to give him a narrow 46-44 lead among registered voters overall. This is present in nearly every major survey at this point, a big shift from ol’ soviet joe’s 21-point lead before the midterms or his 10-point lead last July.

What’s really driving jack smith's persecution of Trump is the despicable left-wing/democrat desire to convict the former president of the alleged insurrection charge: the lie created by left-wing/democrats and their media allies that what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, was an “insurrection.”

When Trump called on the public, with a 1st Amendment right,  to march “over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” the idea was to embolden lawmakers to investigate election shenanigans created by novel — and in some cases, illegal — mail-in balloting rules. It is preposterous to think, then, that Trump would enlist a disorganized crowd of people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats led by a guy dressed up like a shaman — and not the actual Army under his command — to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. In contrast, a real insurrection was in the works in 1806. Former VP Aaron Burr conspired with a foreign power to raise an actual army to capture New Orleans and seize Western territories 2 years after he had shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

While the trespass and vandalism that happened by a bunch of criminal kooks at the Capitol on Jan. 6 deserves condemnation, leftist attacks over the past several decades demonstrate what real violence looks like. In 1954, pistol-wielding activists opened fire from the visitors gallery in the House chamber, injuring 5 members. Then-Rep. Alvin Bentley, a Michigan Republican, was struck in the chest and given 50-50 odds of survival when he arrived at the hospital. In 1971 and 1983, left-wing weather underground activists set off bombs on the Senate side that each caused damage to the building far beyond a few broken windows. In 2017, a crazed BSanders supporter shot 6 Republicans while they practiced for the Congressional Baseball Game at a field in Alexandria, Virginia. Then-Majority Whip Steve Scalise was hospitalized in critical condition but recovered after undergoing several surgeries.

That’s more akin to insurrection than anything that happened 2 years ago. Today, left-wing/democrat jack smith, whom the Supreme Court unanimously overturned and reprimanded for a similar case, is one of the left-wing/democrats attempt to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power. Recall that The left wing/democratic Party also used Congressional committees, staff and untold millions of tax dollars to harass, obstruct, humiliate, and denigrade Trump’s administration, and undermine the executive branch at every, ginned up by unethical and even illegal activity by senior fbi, doj,  and intelligence officials. For example, Special Counsel muelle,r in investigating the Trump russian collusion lie, used 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 230 orders for communication records, 50 orders authorizing use of pen registrars, 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence and interviewed 500 witnesses. mueller concluded there was no collusion between Russia and Trump. Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation also concluded that there were myriad acts of misconduct by senior government  officials who were plotting and scheming against Trump, and a notable departure from the way it resisted efforts to investigate mrs b.j. Clinton. That BObama and biden were personally briefed by CIA director brennan--they had evidence of hillary’s  plan of a false russian collusion story.

Nevertheless, The left-wing/democrat media partners ny times and washington post, with extensive relations with those government officials, received pulitzer prizes for perpetuating the fraud.

On 1-11-21 the left-wing/democrats accused Trump of inciting a riot on 1-6-21. 2 days later, without hearings or investigation, without Trump being able to provide a defensive any kind, pelosi and Congressional left-wing/democrats ran through the 2nd bogus Trump impeachment. While high crimes needed to impeach a president we're actually being committed by left-wing/democrat Party members.

As to the “secret documents case”, biden, who himself had unauthorized secret documents and was never-th- less given a pass (as was clinton & BObama), has weaponized the federal government against Trump, including circumventing attorney client privilege, using an unconventional general warrant to search Trump's home, sending an armed SWAT team to seize documents, pressuring witnesses with threats of prosecution, unleashing dozens of illegal grand jury and investigation related unlawful leaks to the left-wing media, violating Trump's 5th and 6th Amendment due process rights, piling on multiple charges against the defendant.

And all for what? Administrative, or at worst, a civil matter. Even the Presidential Records Act purposely has no criminal penalties for claimed violations and leaves the matter to be negotiated between the archivist and the former President. Nothing in the PRA suggests that a former President's physical custody of his records can be considered unlawful under the statues by which Trump's warrant is based. The PRA doesn't distinguish between materials that are and aren't classified. This was deliberately by Congress.

Nevertheless, left-wing/democrat Rep. jamie raskin, who himself sought to stop the electoral vote count for Trump in 2016, served on both impeachment panels and on the significantly phony 1-6-21 committee prosecuting Trump, has the typical neo-liberal gall to tell the lie that the GOP isn't respecting the rule-of- law(1) and a threat to democracy.

The left-wing/democratic Party has single-handedly built permanent centers of power, including the vast federal bureaucracy, subsidized non-governmental organizations, lifetime activist judges who make their own law, tenured professors and teachers, party members in the media, etc. to empower itself and its agenda. When it wins elections, it claims broad mandates; when it loses elections, it ignores the popular will of the people and turns to permanent government and its cultural surrogates to sabotage the opposition and push forward their marxist like agenda.

What’s already happened has put the country in an unprecedented place. It’s hard to imagine what’s more extreme than 1-side in our politics indicting its leading opponent, creating the real prospect of jailing him in the months before an election and excluding him from the ballot in select states. It’s not as though his enemies are going to conclude that Trump was an intolerable threat as a candidate, but once he’s been elected president again, the voters have spoken and everyone should revert to politics as usual.

The left-wing washington post essay arguing that Trump has brought the United States to the brink of dictatorship, saying: “the price of opposing him becomes persecution, the loss of property and possibly the loss of freedom.” This idiotic view includes every institutional bulwark of America’s system — from the courts to the military to public opinion — surrendering to a president who, if history is any guide, will get rebuked in the midterms and become a lame duck by his 3rd year in office.

And if Trump emerges victorious, the reaction by left-wing/democrats may make the pro-hamas protests and the riots of 2020 around the country look small-scale by comparison. It means blocking Trump by any means necessary, regardless of the consequences for the rule of law, democratic politics, or faith in our system of government. The left will convince itself that only a revolution can save the country. There will be much to fear from the left-wing (democracy’s self-styled defenders), but much, much more if they win.

It's going to be difficult to undo the damage the left-wing/democrat Party is unleashing at a rapid pace. But if the left-wing/democratic Party succeeds, America will have failed.


1.     According to Influence Watch, there are  dark money groups, such as the one founded by former clinton official melissa moss in clinton's former attorney michael tedder, or the 65 project with david brock the founder of media matters, going after 111 attorneys in 26 States representing Trump.


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