Letter to politicians

To anyone in the government that will listen:                                                                                                                                                             

I am sure that whatever I say will not make a difference or save what I cherish about my freedom. There seems to be some group or groups that are now taking over what used to be one of the greatest governments of the world (I would like to see it remain the greatest).

You need to adopt a resolution that each and every lawmaker swears that he or she has read and understands a bill before their vote is accepted. That only makes sense. It will also cut down on the length of the bills and maybe keep measures that can’t stand on there own merits from being hidden as best they can in some bill that takes too long to read. They are filled with sections and subsections upon subsections. Is that because you were unable to write them right the first time in an understandable way? The difference between the wishes of the people and the wants of those in power are unbelievable. I would like someone to explain why it takes 2000 pages to write a bill (it only took 18 pages to establish our whole country) the only reason I can think of is to hide and mask deception. That needs to be stopped.

 Our freedoms are being stolen from us a little at a time. Those in power have gone over a cliff and are in freefall. What will remain of this country when we hit the bottom? You cannot print money at the rate it is being done right now and expect a good outcome If the government would quit trying to fix everything and get out of the way. Our free enterprise would rebound. With all the new taxes and threatened taxes, most businesses I know are not willing to expand or hire new workers with an uncertain future for their business. I know that you are not willing to take any advice from us little people with our limited knowledge. But quit spending! I have to do that when I know I’m out of money. If someone wanted to destroy our dollar as well as our way of life they would do it exactly the way it’s being done by the very people that we put into office to look out for us.

 I am scared. No I’m angry that we are being lied to and deceived at every turn. What do we have to do to get your attention? Peaceful demonstrations don’t seem to work. Voting you out of office will take way too long. Too much damage will be done by then. A legislation freeze for lack of leadership may work I don’t know. Healthcare may need some minor changes but certainly not major overhaul to something we are totally unfamiliar with. Our government has demonstrated to me over and over that they are totally unable to spend money wisely. With that kind of leadership it will be a total disaster. Leave it alone.

 I paid into social security for 50 years. Nobody ever ask me if they could use any of that money for other purposes. They just stole it from me and now they call it an entitlement. As if it’s a gift or something. It would not be going broke if that had not happened. You are not very good with our money. Don’t ask us to trust you again with something as big as healthcare.

            You would not control our borders for many years even though there were millions of illegal people entering our country. Now you not only talk of amnesty but want to give them all the rights of legal citizens and give them free college, healthcare, welfare, housing, and steal our tax money to do it. I’m sorry I can no longer go along with you.

            I could go on for maybe 2000 pages but I know you would not read it anymore than you read the idiot bills that you pass. We have to live under a different set of rules than you do. If you want more money for yourself you just give yourself a raise. It doesn’t work that way for us. If you want more money to waste you just tax us more. You don’t seem to understand that if you break our country your retirement will have no better future than ours. Do not think for one moment that the UN will come and bail us out. They will come and take our resources and enslave us all! Who then will you turn to? The very people you helped to destroy us will then have no need of you. You will have been a big part of your own destruction! I hope you will take heed of this before we have no more control!                                                                                                                                     Leon Powell

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  • Turn to God and pray for a turnaround in the current agenda to globalize the U.S. thereby destroying our Constitution and Sovereignty.  If everyone prays God will listen and defeat the socialist/communist/progressive/globalist agenda.

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