More of the Same?

Much is being speculated on how many seats the Republicans may pick up in redistricting for Texas. More attention should be placed on what KIND of Republicans are selected to fill these new seats. I strongly suspect that the Republican Party of Texas will try to insert their hand-picked favorites. I also suspect that the Tea Party will open up a can of ... well, you know.

We in the Tea Party (or at least favorable to same) must keep the Republicans feet to the fire. Let up for one second and they will backslide. This has been proven time and again. There is an opportunity to make Texas' congressional cadre the most conservative group in the congress. If we fail to do so, it is our fault. The Tea Party MUST take a proactive and front row seat at any redistricting talks. It must be clear from the gitgo that only those representatives that profess the conservative doctrine will be acceptable. A good starting point would be a person who supports and defends the platform of the Constitution Party. This platform should be the Bible of those representing the people of Texas.

And, before someone asks, I do wholeheartedly support the Constitution Party and its platform as the only hope for returning the United States of America to it's former place of greatness.
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