Press Release

Feb 20th2012


On Friday February 24th2012 exiled Cubans, ex-political prisoners, and human rights activists will be protesting in front of the Cuban Interest Section and various other points in Washington DC:


  • Because of the increased repression against pro-democracy activists in Cuba
  • Because of the assassination of Wilman Villar Mendoza another recent death of a peaceful activist along with that of Laura Pollan and Orlando Zapata Tamayo
  • To commemorate all those who died in hunger strikes in Cuba’s political prisons like Pedro Luis Boitel along with the thousands of other patriots who have been assassinated by the Castro regime like the Brothers to the Rescue who were murdered in mid air while on a humanitarian search and rescue mission on February 24, 1996.


Cuban exiles from Miami, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will be participating in the demonstrations (many of them ex-political prisoners) will be dressed in black and carrying photos of some of those assassinated by the Cuban government. A coffin with the names of more than 10,000 victims will be displayed.


The demonstration will begin at 10 am in front of the Cuban Interest Section at 1:30PM there will be a march down 16thStreet to the White House where there will be a silent protest between 2-4 pm and from 4:30 to 8 pm the demonstration will move to Union Station, Washington’s main train terminal, where a film about the reality of the Cuban people will be aired.


Simultaneous demonstrations will also take place in other countries including but not limited to Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Italy and Spain.


For more information contact:

Maritza Lugo (786) 201.1221

Sergio Rodriguez (786) 287.8807

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  •  Yes our brothers and sisters from Cuba really have a massive complaint,,,,,,wish I could be in NY to demonstrate with then,,,,,,.  I never understood why we didn't fully back the Bay of Pigs invasion?? We could have shut then down quickly,,,,,,buut look what  those Communist s have done to their own people there!  We have a base there yet we have done nothing,,,,,very sad.

  • At least, these people have something worthwhile to protest about. Unlike the Occupy gangs

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