Open letter to KGB Dictator Putin

Open letter to KGB Dictator Putin

Dear Mr. Putin,
You and your blood sucking murderous KGB Mother Russia want to be now equal with every country, after over 30 Million innocent people killed and raped by your KGB Gestapo which never paid for their crimes, and after ruined economies and lives of many families behind the Iron Curtain. Now you gonna teach us how to be a good Christians? You are fake and you are a pretender. You are not a friend of America. You always take side with enemies of America. Go and screw yourself.
Rafael Brom


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  • When Obama with help of Putin bring here English speaking Russian Army wearing UN or US uniforms to control US population I am sure that some conservatives will march in their front lines thinking that Putin is helping them in fight against Obama Gestapo. Unfortunately Obama is working for Putin and his beloved Mother Russia. He was recruited by Moscow long time ago. His job is collapse USA financially and morally, and bring Civil War here so that Putin can make his move on Europe and other countries and build his diabolical kingdom on ashes of the world. Putin is waiting patiently for America to run out of money and jobs.

  • So you think Vlad Putin is evil .  Well Many Russians would disagree with you and he does serve Russia not the USA.  Perhaps the folks in Washington are pulling the wool over your eyes. The USA has only one friend in the Middle east and it flies the Star of David flag. American Foreign policy is such a mess and it has been for close to 100 years.

    we should not have started the Spanish-American war or entered WWI and if we had sat that one out perhaps WWII would not have happened ?  Then Korea and Vietnam would not have happened either.  Go read the writings of our founding fathers and then think about what they all wrote about not becoming entangled in foreign wars

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