Open Letter to Mr. Speaker Newt Gingrich

Dear Mr. Speaker,

              I truly love your visions for this great country of ours & I truly think you have some of the best debating skills I've ever listened to. I definitely think you would mop the floor with Obama & would love to hear those debates. I fear though that you are alienating people who would support you. There are so many things to be discussing & offering solutions to, along with the fact that if you want to be on the attack, our president offers so many things to be called out on. When you started out campaigning you stayed above the fray of personal attacks at the debates. Not to say you shouldn't defend yourself if need be. I think though when you're out stumping for the primarys that you should leave Mitt out of it, tell us instead of the solutions you have in mind for our country & start pointing out the things that we have been promised & are still waiting for. How things like job numbers are based on a lot of factors & that Obama has actually not created that many jobs. Maybe you could ask him about all the dealerships that had to close when he decided to make cars ( I think if it was truly researched I'd bet he lost more jobs for people by his actions ) or the fact that the taxes the rich pay are based on different criteria than how the average person's is figured. Point out his devisiveness. Please Mr. Speaker, let your campaign people go after Mitt. I don't want to offend you but I have to be honest you demean yourself & it sounds bitter & unprofessional. You really can rise above this kind of pettiness. You are a visionary & have the ability to really challenge a badly managed government & a bad president. You actually are better suited than the other candidates because if you know how the beast works you can defeat it, being an insider has it's advantages. Mr. Speaker I would love to see you become the GOP candidate as I think you are the only person that has the debating skills that can defeat Obama. I don't know if you will see this & I don't want to be presumptuous, I want to be able to vote for you in 2012.                                                                         Sincerely, D. C.

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