As I write replies on this site, just after I have completed my second paragraph, someone pulls the plug and my entire extemporaneous reaction is gone forever. That pisses me off.

I evidently do much better research than most of you, or I am better trained and experienced or better informed. Even so , most of you cannot tell whether a person knows much about what he is saying and has evidence, or he is just yapping. Most of you just yap. That's egotistical. I am always humble enough to back up what I say with evidence (which I do not always share). You have to be trained to prepare for political activity, if you want to win. Its soo much easy to read conservative propaganda (very shallow).

So many of you fly by the seat of your pants, intellectually. So therefore you assume I fly by the seat of my pants too. When you think like that, you are using the most stupid value of the commie media,  its called mirror imaging. Mirror imaging is based upon the false-idiotic media-originated assumption that "all people are the same and think the same". Then the next step is moronically-logical, look in the mirror, ask yourself what YOU think. Then you know what other people think. Then you know how they feel and can predict their behavior. That's totally absurd.

There are methods of telling what other people think and predicting their behavior. Not a one of you, except James Sales, has demonstrated any proficiency in that skill set. I am also humble enough to use that skill set and I will defeat most of you every time because you are not trained to fight political war. Many of you may have the brains for it, but do you have the interest, drive to win and the energy? Energy, for example, is a habit. If your main past time is watching sports, then you are a sports voyeur and have no intellectual or physical energy for anything more than a masturbatory approach to life. Energy utilization is very different from voyeurism. That is why the media encourages voyeurism, a form of self stimulation or masturbation, especially mental masturbation.

Peter you are too much of a mirror imagery person. You should learn how to be proficient at political warfare. That's what this is.

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