Question of the Day

Question of the Day


What are some small things each of can do easily in our daily lives to promote Conservatism?

   Handouts? Boycotts?

What are your ideas?

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  • Impeach the resident A-hole in the White House. He's half white but you'd never know it!

  • WE need to repeal the 17th Ammendment and the 14th Ammendment! Actually, we need to repeal everything the DEMBELLS, have ammended the the CONSTITUTION, that hass been used o destroy our country with!! Read MARK LEVINS, ARTICLE 5, LIBERTY AMMENDMENTS!!! This we hae to bring to light every way we can!! Larry K.Parent,Naples,FL.

  • Who, in the US House, can we depend on to introduce a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act?

  • I believe it is TOM PRICE,(SP), who is the top -dog GOP SPEAKER, on the lists favorite! I do not believe him to be an establishment-boy! The Price may be right,(!!), in this case! I will look further into the details and will try to post them here! GOD BLESS AMERICA,AGAIN!! UNITED WE STAND!! Larry K.Parnt,Naples,FL.

  • Who is going to replace Speaker Behner (Boner), and, who can we depend on to introduce a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, in the US House?

  • ..then discussions wih the uninformed..( unfortunately i am in that class) would be ,. have a better chance of being ..fruitful

  • knowledge of American history, and what the foundations of freedom are. One could really abandon all other pursuits in devoting the time necessary to just THAT

  • Grace Polaris:

    Great list !!!!

  • I said in another post "YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID BUT YOU CAN FIX IGNORANCE"I have found that educating through discusion and inhostill debates works and to be as informed as possible on the issues you are disscusing,Be well armed if you will(:-)


  • 1)Let the Senators and Congressman know via phone calls and emails and correspondence that we want action when it comes to reducing the deficit, 2) reduce taxes on the middle income (which they lied about with the new payroll taxes, 3) a budget in Washington and 4) stop the spend-a-holic spending of "our money" on stupid things like Solyndras.

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