Rule by Fiat

Most every despot dreams of ruling his or her land by proclamation and decree. What better way to ensure a lifetime of power and privilege than to simply order it done? Your wishes become true under force of law and you have the police and military to enforce your whims. This is true for many nations in this troubled world. Millions of savaged and mistreated people live in a constant state of fear and despair. Thank God it couldn’t happen here. We are the shining land of liberty and freedom. This is America. Well, at least for the next few days.

The Republican victory (of sorts) last November has set the stage for the potential loss of our republic. Obamugabe and the progressive minions are set to accomplish by executive fiat what they can’t achieve by legislation. If they can’t destroy the country by normal processes, they will resort to extra-constitutional tactics of an order never witnessed before. We are entering into the era of a constitutional dictatorship .. unless we take drastic steps to prevent it. We no longer have the luxury of playing the system. We must force the hand of those who would rule rather than reign (there IS a difference).

Make no mistake; we now have a noble ruling class. We have a king or emperor, or whatever he decides to call himself. We have a slightly lower class of lords and ladies (the czars, the cabinet and alphabet agencies). And we have another layer of minor nobility in the congress. We are subjects. We will shortly have no say in how the country is run. Indeed, we may soon have no say in how we live our private lives. In a dictatorship, there is no privacy. The state sees all and knows all … or else.

In the last few weeks we have seen a rash of executive orders designed to bypass congressional prerogatives. Now, we also have “Secretarial Orders”. Where in the hell did these come from? There is NO constitutional authority for any cabinet secretary to issue orders that, like executive orders, become law. Cabinet heads are responsible to the executive for implementing legally constituted laws of the land. They are NOT empowered to make law. Period. This flagrant usurpation of authority must be stopped now. Congress must immediately pass legislation blocking the implementation of any “law” whose source is not the congress itself. We, the people, have no direct control of the departments and agencies of the executive. We will shortly have no say at all if this devious practice continues and grows. How long before the first-lady makes law? She is already telling us what to eat and wear. Where do we finally put our collective feet down and loudly proclaim “CEASE AND DESIST?”

To further stir the pot, the EPA and other alphabet agencies are busy issuing new regulations to further the administrations wants and wishes. No matter what the people want. We aren’t intelligent enough to have a say in our government. We are not part of the elite ruling classes. We just simply don’t understand. Remember when the Republicans cleaned Obamugabe’s clock last November? He promptly made the point that he had failed to communicate his intentions clearly. Translation: I failed to use baby talk so these poor uninformed and ignorant peasants could understand me. He and his cohorts truly believe that they are intellectually in the clouds and we are grubbing around in the dirt. The arrogance and ego of this administration have never been nor never will be equaled. It is time to bust the bubble.

The Tea Party can no longer be content to champion one or two or three issues. We must take an active part in discussing and supporting issues across the political spectrum. Leave no stone unturned. There is no longer such a thing as an unimportant issue. Each inroad the progressives make is a chink in the armor of the people. We must step up and make a serious and unending effort to educate the people who, unlike us. don’t know or care what is really happening. We can make a difference. But we must make the effort. Remember, a very small percentage of the colonial population actually fought the war of independence. An even smaller percentage conceived and created the most unique and enduring government in history. We simply can’t sit back and watch it go down the sewer of complacency and apathy.

In the not too distant future, I hope to arrange one or more public meetings to bring the Tea Party, the Constitution Party and any other like-minded individuals together. We can no longer take issue with potential allies over what may be trivial differences. We agree on far more points than we disagree on. It is time to present a unified front against the forces of evil. We must get our churches involved as well. LBJ perpetrated the biggest hoax in history when he muzzled the churches. They have become businesses rather than the voice and spirit of the people. This must stop. The churches do not need the IRS letter of determination to operate as tax-exempt entities. Many pastors and congregations have refused to place themselves under the IRS thumb. They have suffered no abuse as a result. The IRS is powerless to influence a church unless that church rolls over and submits. It is time to tear up those letters and say “ENOUGH”. We will endure this no longer. We will speak up and we will not be silenced!


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  • I agree that we must start somewhere and we can only do so much.

    And, yes Texas and California are indeed neighbors in this Great Nation of ours.

    But I would submit one more thought, Carl.

    The White House Is OUR HOUSE! Even as neighbors, we share this.

    We need to see if we can find someone to at least make a decent showing on the National scene. Not another RINO, as far as I am concerned that still include all of them, though time will tell. And, if the left presents someone, other than BO, that is even better.


    It is time for us to really get serious and I have seen no one whom I could support entirely as of yet. We just need to speak, not louder but, more determinedly and more clearly to cut through that same old rhetoric.

  • You have to start somewhere.  The issues that face us locally are much the same as the national issues. While we will still try to field national candidates. we desperately need for candidates to step up at the state and local levels.  We must get our own house in order before we can afford the time and effort involved in cleaning our neighbors house. If we don't focus, we risk spreading our message too thin to be heard over the rhetoric being spewed by the local Republicrats.
  • Sounds like you are focused mainly on local issues.

    Good luck!

    We will all need that.

  • I haven't decided on a time yet. The meeting will probably be in a meeting room at an area resturante.  I will need to coordinate with Bryan Maletesta (Chairman, CPOT) to see if he can make the meeting as well. And, at some future point, if enough people get active and respond, I would try to get people like Ron or Rand Paul to speak. How far we go on organizing depends on the citizen response. I will continue to do what I do either way. I would love to know there are others willing so stand with us. Reading articles and standing on street corners waving signs is fun, but it doesn't do the real work. We must get people active in politics. It is disgusting and largely corrupt and you come away feeling soiled at times, but it MUST BE DONE. My calling a meeting is not an ego thing. I am coordinator not the county chairmen. I need enough people to get involved so HUNT county can hold elections for county officers and I can go elsewhere and stir up trouble for the powers that be. We can no longer sit back and let the other guy (or gal) do all the work. There are a lot of good conservative people in Hunt County. I just need to find a way to get them all going in the same direction at the same time.  A letter of disapproval from one constituent is nothing to a politician. The same letter from 100 voters scares the hell out of them. We must organize and select viable candidates. We must collectively assault the ramparts in Austin and get the protectionist election laws overturned so third parties can level the playing field. There is much work to be done to stop the socialist march. Bryan and I can't do it without a lot of help. Who will stand for the cause?  Well, we will see......
  • I agree with you Carl.

    It is time for the people, inspired by the Tea Party movement, to stand up and be counted.

    Where and when do you plan to start holding these meetings. Will they be concerned mostly with local, Texas, issues? Or, will they be concerned with the National Front.

    I won't personally be able to make it, but I do know some people who might. Will they be open to live internet access?


    It is time we tried to come up with some candidates that truly are our own. We only have about 8 or 9 months left to get someone on the tickets fro 2012. They may not have much of a chance to win, but they should at least tend to steer the trends for the candidates who do make the cut.


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