Sam Smith "Comes OUT" As a Tea Party Liberal

Sam Smith, while proclaiming that there are no liberals in the Tea Party, marks himself as one. First of all he is a black racist (that's a leftist value) He is also a feminists (also a leftist value) And he has a distorted erotic hatred towards men who stand up to forces that others lean over backwards to placate (also a leftist value). Sam is obviously a highly emotional back-stabber who ignorantly BELIEVES (without consideration of any evidence) that a man, President Trump,  who has earned over a billion dollars, is only "lucky."This low life defines Trump's courageous stand in the face of ignorant, intimidating and bigoted media, as the behavior of a "spoiled brat." Sam does not criticize media (Another leftist value) For that he deserves to be bitch slapped by one of his buddies. Sam comes out as in favor of the highly bigoted and very politically ignorant Megyn Kelly, another phony conservative who gets ahead by her good looks. In supporting Kelly, Sam simultaneously reveals his anger at strong men (President Trump) and his "solidarity" with other feminists: (quote)"TRUMP STILL MUST answer Megyn Kelly's VALID question about his attitude toward women! Until he does, NO WOMAN should vote for him."

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  • Enemies like Sam Smith help define the high value that should be placed on the courage of President Trump.

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