Silence the Unwashed Masses

Two pieces of progressive thought are once again rearing their ugly heads: the fairness doctrine and the internet kill switch. Both are transparently unconscionable and evil. But the Obamugabe administration and its congressional minions are hard at work trying to shut those pesky damn conservatives up.

The fairness doctrine seems innocuous at first glance and many politically naive neophytes are easily taken in by the premise. Why not promote fairness and equal access to differing opinions on important issues? Well, that’s not what the progressives mean in spite of what they say. The fairness doctrine places unreasonable requirements on radio and TV stations to provide a “balanced” fare of political views. Unfortunately, the end result will be the total silencing of the conservative talk radio personalities. Under threat of license revocation, stations will become state controlled media outlets … all of them. It is no secret that all the mainstream media outlets are so liberal as to be outright socialistic in their practices. An obvious exception is Fox News Network. Even Fox airs some questionable material at times. Under the fairness doctrine, it will become a totally state controlled media. Where is a conservative to get their news? The internet comes to mind. It is a wide open source of virtually any information you might want. For now at least….

The current progressive move to give the Obamugabe absolute control of the internet is scary and chilling in its implications. There is absolutely NO reason to give this kind of power to Obamugabe or any other politician. The internet is the last vestige of free press. This is America not Iran or some African dictatorship. To give the socialist president the power to “regulate” it under any premise is un-American and probably unconstitutional as well. There is no way this power could be exercised without a flagrant violation of the first amendment. In a constitutional republic this simply couldn’t happen. In modern socialist America it is being seriously considered.

So, the fairness doctrine kills essentially all conservative radio and TV and the internet kill switch makes sure that the Obamugabe can silence the last remaining source of dissenting opinion. Then, it would seem the administration could do just about anything it wants. With no quick and reliable means of keeping an eye on the boys and girls in DC, we become significantly less free. We have tenuous control over our federal government as it is. Allow these two pieces of progressive crap to become law and we can bend over and fondly kiss our nether regions goodbye. We will cease being citizens and become subjects. How reassuring…


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  • Yes indeed. Sounds like business as usual to me.

    We need to get someone in office who is not part of the Good'ol Boys, and Girls, Club.

    We, in the various Tea Party groups, have the numbers to do this. But, we only have about 8 or 9 months to get candidates on the 2012 list. After that, it is 2014 and 2016.

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