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By: Juan Reynoso-       --

Open letter to the San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro:

Mr. Mayor you need to wake-up and see the reality, we are on a dangerous path primarily because of overbearing public-employee unions.

Our future depends on fiscal responsibility and our ability to maintain our city operating cost low to enable to pay our debt as soon as possible and be able to pay for future essential city projects that will be of benefit to the people of San Antonio. Mr. Mayor you and the city council, must review city employees wage and benefit and re-negotiate severance package. Since 2005 when city manager Sheryl Sculley was hire, our long term liability (Debt) went from 1,613,274 to 2,593,223.   14.3% of our city budget goes to pay for this deb payment and our cost of public safety (Police and Fire Dept.) is 66.5% (657,190,952) of the city budget; those two items eats most of our budget, while on education we contribute less that the half of the cost.

Mr. Mayor your economic impact invisibility must end. Policymakers and city administrators must recognize the economic value of a good city planning to deal with transportation, water supply clean environment, mobility and the cost of living of the people of San Antonio and take that into account in their decision-making. Otherwise, we can forget about improving our “quality of life.” And deal with the results of your incompetence and possible bankruptcy. You need to take some time and learn about the demise of some cities in our country due to incompetence, vision and common sense .

The Solution is clear, stop the debt trap, this whole culture to get what we want with money that we don’t have and not pay for it until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow must end.

The immediate solution is: Stop the unions from leading San Antonio to an imminent bankruptcy. Most city police and fire dept. employees are over pay including the city manager Sheryl Sculley and city employees. However, longer-term structural opportunities must also be addressed plan and execute it by implementing a system analyzes of continue improvements and effectiveness by reducing waste.


1-     Untenable pension contracts need to end and benefits reduced, end defined benefit pension plans for public union workers; to avoid an imminent bankruptcy and secure the employment of city employees.

2-     End any future collective bargaining for public union workers. Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin has proven that can be done.

3-     Institute our Texas right-to-work laws.

4-     Implement a system of merit pay for teachers

5-     More competition from accredited online schools to drive education costs way down

6-     Support local run schools for improving education.

7-     End student loan programs that only benefit administrators and educators, not the students.

8-     Enforce our 30 days register your vehicle in Texas. We have thousands that move to Texas and do not register their vehicle in Texas.

9-     One question we must ask. Where is the money? 2013 Texas Lottery sales of $4.376 billion resulted in a total contribution of $1.214 billion to the state of Texas.

Mr. Mayor, It’s time to stop overpaying for all city and government-sponsored services including but not limited to police, fire, prison-workers, and education. The vicious, self-serving grip of unions and their political supporters that have on this nation has to end. Texas is a right to work state; our economic should be promoted under a comp set of our Christian principles, values, dignity and hard work.

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