The Benghazi Hearings: A Bipartisan Whitewash



I have heard testimony, all that I can stand to listen to anyway, on the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012 and find it more and more disgusting as each day of “testimony” comes and goes.  No one on these “investigative panels” really wants the citizens to know what happened or why it happened.  If they did they wouldn’t be asking Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and the rest of the regime “explainers” being “called before Congress”. 


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  • Louis, and anyone else who reads this. Send it to everyone you know, including and especially your senators and congressman/woman. the more people that send this article to Washington the better. The only way we will get answers is for us to stand up and demand them in volumes.

  • The Naval Air Facility at Sigonella, Sicily is less than two hours away.  There are one or two more ships in the Mediterranean now than there were last winter.  We must demand an explanation.  There should be a CITIZEN INVESTIGATION, possibly several law suits.  It is up to the people to demand the truth and to hold these people accountable to WE THE PEOPLE, since our congress people are seemingly negligent and don't seem to give a hoot.  The Tea Party must demand an investigation.  We have let these characters in government get away with too much deceit for two long.  How long is too long?  Going back to WWII they were deceiving the people.  It has become a HABIT to deceive the citizenry.  We the people must put an end to their shifty ideas that they can give us a cock and bull story every time it pleases them.  Stand up and be counted.  Exercise your God given rights as a free person and let them know that "We The People" are not going to stand for their lies and deception any longer and that they work for us, the people and not the reverse.  Wake up America it is your country, it is your responsibility as a citizen to demand honest government.

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