Please call your Reps today at the earliest possible time and then pass this along to everyone you know, and ask them to do the same. We are on a critical time constraint and must move quickly.
It should be self evident that the Hard Left, Soros and his ilk in America last groups, and the self serving GOP RINO's are making a full court press against Jim Jordan as potential speaker. I haven't seen this much anti- Conservative, anti-American activity since the two Supreme Court Justices Trump nominated, were put through the star chamber witch hunt process the Hard Left/Deep State/Democratic Party/GOP RINO's tore into them and tried every way they could to discredit their fitness including outright perjury by witnesses against their moral fitness to be a justice.
Right now the GOP controlled house is in the dubious position of the possibility that a Democrat will be elected as speaker when several GOP turncoats shift their votes to the Democrat who on Tuesday got 212 votes, while due to the back stabbing and political profiteering GOP Never Trump haters kept Jim Jordans vote totals down to 200. This is unconscionable and mildly traitorous. It smacks of certain Republicans ready to sell out for personal political gain.
Wednesday (TODAY) there will be another vote. As loyal Americans we must start calling our House Representatives. Link to the House Telephone Directory;!/  . We need everyone to call their representatives and tell them if they want to keep their jobs as representatives they must go against recent tradition and actually represent the will of their constituents. This must be done before the next vote is called if we are to finally get someone in the speakers [position who will actually oppose the Biden CCP controlled regime.
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