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Over the last few years, huge swathes of the American left-wing have become infected with woke ideology that judges actions or arguments not by their content, but rather by the identity of those involved in said actions or arguments. Those identities in turn are defined by an intersectional web of oppressed and oppressors, of the powerful and powerless, of the dominant and marginalized. With this approach, one judges an action not by whether it’s effective or an argument by whether it’s true, but rather by whether the people involved in the action or argument are in the oppressed-powerless-marginalized bucket or not. If they are, the actions or arguments should be supported; if not, they should be opposed.

This approach was always a terrible idea, in obvious contradiction to logic and common sense. But it has led much of the left-wing/democrat Party to take positions that have little in social or political reality and are offensive to the basic values most people hold. The failure to unequivocally condemn the Hamas massacre as a crime against humanity is just the latest example of this intellectual and moral malignancy.

Take the vogue “anti-racist” posturing gathered overwhelming force in 2020 with the Our Lord floyd and subsequent nationwide protests. It became de rigueur in left-wing/democrat to solemnly pronounce American society structurally racist and shot through with white supremacy from top to bottom. No argument along these lines was too outrageous if it came from or on behalf of “people of color,” who must be deferred to given their place in the intersectional hierarchy. Nothing exemplifies this better than the lionization of ibram x. kendi, whose thoroughly ridiculous claims were treated as revealed truth by tens of millions of leftists. Only those who have checked their capacity for critical thinking at the door could possibly take this ignorant “analysis” seriously. But they did because of the intersectional positioning of kendi and those he claimed to advocate for.

How else to explain why liberals didn’t run screaming in the opposite direction when kendi called for the passage of an “anti-racist Constitutional amendment” that would: "…establish and permanently fund the Department of Anti-racism (DOA) comprised of formally trained experts on racism and no political appointees. The DOA would be responsible for preclearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas. The DOA would be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas."

It is difficult to imagine anything more illiberal than proposing an unelected Soviet-style bureaucracy of so-called “experts” that would vet the actions, ideas, and perhaps even the thoughts of all public officials in the country for their anti-racist content and punish those who deviate from the correct path. Madness! And yet he has been showered with honors, money, and coveted academic positions (though revelations of epic mismanagement at his boston university center for antiracist research may curb some of that enthusiasm).

Bad ideas and arguments are bad ideas and arguments. It shouldn’t matter who makes them. Just like it shouldn’t matter who in the intersectional hierarchy massacres Jews. It’s still an atrocity. It’s high time for liberals/democrats to decisively reject this kind of thinking across the board. Embrace instead the universalistic principles the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in. They believe that racial preferences in rewards and decision-making are not fair and fairness is a fundamental part of their world outlook. They actually believe, with Martin Luther King Jr., that people should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” In a recent University of Southern California Dornsife survey, this classic statement of colorblind equality was posed to respondents: “Our goal as a society should be to treat all people the same without regard to the color of their skin.” This MLK-style statement elicited sky-high 92% agreement from the public, despite the assaults on this idea from critical race theory (crt), kendi, and large sectors of the left-wing/democrat. In a fascinating related finding, the researchers found that most people who claim to have heard about crt believe crt includes this colorblind perspective, rather than directly contradicting it. Perhaps they just can’t believe any theory that has anything to do with race would reject this fundamental principle.

Similarly a Public Agenda Hidden Common Ground survey found 91% agreement with the statement: “All people deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, no matter their race or ethnicity.” This is what people deeply believe in: equal opportunity not, unlike the intersectional left, equal outcomes.

Equally, Americans believe crime is crime no matter who commits it and that criminals should be punished. They do not believe that open drug use, street camping, shoplifting and countless other symptoms of social disorder should be tolerated because the populations involved are “marginalized” or because enforcement outcomes might not be equally distributed across races. Nor do they believe that the borders of the US are merely suggestions that can be ignored by those appropriately placed in the intersectional hierarchy.

Of course the usual suspects will inevitably say that returning to a universalist, mainstream approach is tantamount to throwing loyal left-wing/democrat constituencies in need of help “under the bus.” But who is throwing whom under the bus? Perhaps it is those whose intersectional dogma stands in the way of a democratic approach that could plausibly generate the widest possible support that are throwing those who need help the most under the bus.

What is evident is the manner in which students are first pummeled with leftist counterculture ideology decrying sexual normalcy as “narrow minded” and “bigoted.” Next, they are encouraged to “explore” every form of confusion on the subject, instilling doubts of normalcy and openness to the “superiority” of breaching moral boundaries.

In a similar manner, kids have been ideologically manipulated for years, opening the door to such absurdities as their supposed affinity for socialism, though they haven’t the least awareness of how that system would thoroughly shut down most of the amusements and luxuries they now enjoy. So, having made the jump from “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” into the empty promises of Marx, leftists at the upper levels of school administrations now seek to include the moral debasement that invariably accompanies its Godless and morally vacant economic precepts.

Essential to all of this is the adoption of a “herd” mindset, whereby the proclamations of the leaders are presumed to be unassailable, and that any questioning or deviation from them is somehow heretical. Once a mob can be detached from rational thought, and reassembled in such a condition, it becomes mindlessly obedient to those in charge.

Leftists accomplish this through a time-tested program of mind control. Through bullying and shaming of any who dare dissent, they create a subculture of “us versus them” in which only those who ascribe to the leftist/counterculture dogma can claim to be the “enlightened.” Any who refuse to comply are denigrated and dismissed as ignorant, backward, and bigoted.

Make no mistake! In America’s current cultural implosion, counterculture activists all see themselves as Rosa Parks. Yet this woke “cause” has nothing to do with equality under the law or respect for the rights of others. It is a fanatical and relentless demand for total assent to deviant and even psychotic behavior. No latitude exists for coexistence or resistance.

These countercultural leftists are consumed by a toxic combination of arrogance and moral depravity, to the point that they willingly and completely detach themselves from reality, in order to passionately promote their oh so anti-reality objectives. Eventually, they become capable of anything. We’ve seen it throughout history with inevitably disastrous results. The only cure is a dose of reality, delivered with sufficient energy that it breaks through their walls of denial. At that point, the entire leftist/counterculture construct begins to collapse. On these defining issues, a resolute devotion to the truth, and the courage to boldly speak it, is needed now more than ever.
How do you earn a good social credit score?  Easy — you just have to be a pro-government, pro-authority, bootlicking, politically correct, obedient, unoriginal, and bland human being!  A syncophant eager to follow every rule, the FBI’s ideal American believes everything he’s told and never disobeys.  Raise your hand if you still believe that COVID came from a wet market, that the fake “vaccines” are perfectly “safe and effective,” and that every change in the weather is a result of some “science denier” driving around in a gas-guzzling SUV.  If your hand is up high, you might be a government-approved, anti-AGAAVE American worthy of praise.  Now get in line for another gene-altering injection, “coexist” with the drug cartels operating in your favorite “sanctuary city,” and never forget to wear at least 4 useless masks and a dog cone collar around your face.

Isn’t it amazing that so many hippy teenagers who “fought the man” during the ’60s and ’70s grew up to be more authoritarian than anything they experienced in their youth?  Isn’t it surreal that so many of them produced children who embrace authoritarianism as a quasi-religion?  Just what kind of counter-culture creates generations of government bureaucrats who instinctively demand that Americans do things, most useless or even bad, exactly as they’re told?  The same people who once fought to have their voices heard now insist on silencing yours.  The same people who used to see mainstream culture as antithetical to authentic art now demand that only 1 be allowed now—theirs!  The same people who once painted life with bright colors now shade everything in dreary grey.  Those Americans most inclined to view themselves as being smarter than you have constructed a terribly stifling society where only goose-stepping lemmings rise in academia and freethinkers are punished for being brave.

It’s as if inside every one of those “make love, not war” pseudo-rebels was just another teenaged hitler screaming to get out.  And given how many of them now bend over backwards to defend vile hamas barbarians while blaming Jews for their own torture and suffering, it seems obvious to anyone with a working mind that the people most likely to define themselves as “anti-fascist” are, in fact, fascists of the worst kind today.

People are starting to gasp in disbelief as they learn just how much the woke have betrayed our Constitution.  Someday those who are now complicit with their silence will be asked: why did you not oppose government tyranny when you had the chance?

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? No, they're worse.
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