These men and women paid the ultimate price in defense of America and our way of life.


This flag represents the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA one nation under GOD! Our Judeo-Christian values are defined by the rule of law based on the Ten Commandments as a result we are a free people.



                                                            It is ok if you burn our flag.


We have that right here in American, protected by Supreme Court Decisions as a right of free Speech.

You can take GOD’s name in vain in reference to AMERICA just like the current Presidents's mentor  the Reverend Jeremiah Wright "GOD DAMN AMERICA".


You can kill people for bringing a Christian Bible into your country or talking about Jesus Christ and call it protection of the purity of the Islamic faith.

                                                   But when you spill our blood.


That is not FREEDOM of SPEECH and a Price must be paid and we the people of the United States of America will honor our dead and defend our freedoms both at home and abroad.

President Obama wants to honor you with his new campaign flag which is the  image of a redesigned American flag with his logo on it.


The bloody finger prints on the wall of our embassy  in Libya  make one question his intent and his loyalty to America.


Libya is the point of ----Conflagration ---and the ensuing conflict between the rule by fear and the peace that surpasses all understanding is building to a crescendo that is engulfing the entire world.

In 1982, The World Mathaba was established in Libya. Mathaba it is an acronym which stands for ---- Media Active To Help All Become Aware----……….. The World Mathaba was designed to bring together Islamic revolutionaries and freedom fighters from every corner of the globe to share ideas and develop their revolutionary knowledge. Among them was the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Mr. Farrakhan was presented Man of the Year, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer Award, in 2007 by Reverend Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where Obama had attended for 20 years, Farrakhan’s group represents the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States of America as such he has stated “The United States of America is moving closer and closer to great civil strife, unrest and bloodshed.”  That time has arrived.

The Muslim brotherhood / The Nation of Islam / Reverend Wright / Obama and radical Islamist all over the globe are working to destroy the United States of America.

The Truth, Mr. President is that Your Appeasement Plan is the path to destruction!

As General Douglas A. McAruther said. "I can almost hear the ticking of the second hand of destiny. We must act now or we will die........."

The prestige and freedoms of America and the Western world hang in the balance as our President talks about a new world order at the UN. The United States of America cannot set on the side lines as Islamic countries fight each other for control of the world.

Mr. President, you will be held accountable for the decisions that you make! Your thoughts and the true workings of your scheming mind are known only by you and GOD. He will be your judge.

GOD is in control of the  conflagration of events!  All things will come together based on HIS will,  Jesus Christ is His Son, and the Holy Spirit indwells true believers......


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